Access Netflix Anywhere with VPN Unlimited!

How to Access Netflix Anywhere with VPN Unlimited?

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What a wonderful news! Now no geo-restriction will stop VPN Unlimited users from accessing Netflix and enjoying the full variety of top Netflix shows available. Let’s celebrate together as we offer unlimited access to any materials from this service!

Even though Netflix’s primary goal is to provide their top materials all over the world, content licensing policies and geo-blocking don’t let them achieve it. And while Netflix is trying to avoid this negative side of licensing, we aren’t sitting idle, too. At last, VPN Unlimited team has managed to circumvent this barrier and is now ready to share the secret with you. Can you log into Netflix from anywhere? How to watch Netflix in any country? How to enjoy unlimited Netflix streaming? Find it out in this piece!

Can you watch Netflix anywhere in the world

Netflix is arguably the biggest streaming media channel in the world. Since it provides the amount of content that you could only probably watch in a lifetime, having access to it would make any TV shows fan feel like they are in the garden of Eden. Fortunately, nowadays there are only 4 places on the world map where you completely can’t access it. The government of China forbids such services itself, while Crimea, Syria, and North Korea are officially excluded from Netflix’s coverage due to the US government trade restrictions.

Man with popcorn watching Netflix - he found out how to view videos not available in his country with VPN Unlimited

Despite the fact that the service is available in almost all countries since January 6th, 2016, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have access to its full library. The number of available TV shows and films varies depending on the country and its exclusive rights to stream content. Just for comparison:

  • In the US you can watch 6,995 shows
  • In Canada – 4,362
  • In Australia – 2,475
  • In Italy – only 1,425.  

India can serve as a sound example of licensing restrictions. In India, you ironically can’t use Netflix to watch the Netflix-produced House of Cards, well known for a recent big scandal with Kevin Spacey. This is because a local TV station, Zee TV, has exclusive rights to this show. Which means that no other channel or online service can stream it except for Zee TV. The same situation with House of Cards’ exclusiveness goes for countries like Russia, Kuwait, Greece, Lebanon. Or, in such countries as Bangladesh and Pakistan, only 3 seasons are available.

US Netflix: how to view videos not available in your country

Seeing how the US Netflix library provides the most full list of TV shows and films, we believe that accessing it would benefit any TV shows fan. So, if you are wondering how to unblock Netflix from anywhere, using VPN for Netflix is just the right solution! Here is an easy step-by-step guide for you:

  1. Get a VPN Unlimited subscription.
  2. Create your KeepSolid ID.
  3. Choose a Streaming Netflix server and turn it on.
  4. Go to the Netflix website.
  5. Unlimited access to all Netflix content is in your pocket! Enjoy 😉

If you dream about watching the most popular multimedia resource from anywhere, it’s about time you joined our VPN Unlimited family.

Download VPN Unlimited and Enjoy unlimited Netflix streaming!

P.S.: Please view our Netflix tutorial for additional information on unlocking your favorite shows.


  1. Any plan for Netflix server for Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore?

    • Hey William,

      Thank you for your question! We let our team know you’re interested in Netflix servers for Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. Unfortunately, we can provide no ETA as of now but you can stay tuned for our updates to never miss it 😊

  2. If you are getting VPN Unlimited to watch content in netflix for other region, right now is not working.
    It gives you an error…

    I am trying to open a chat for support and it just gives me the option for emailing.

    Not good.

    • Hi Beverly,

      Thanks for reaching out. We can see that our customer support team is already in touch with you to help get things working again. Feel free to contact us anytime!

  3. Any plans for Netflix Japan

    • Hi,

      We do have Japanese Netflix in our wish list, though can provide no ETA as of now. Stay tuned!

  4. Is there a way I can watch the library of Netflix Japan using VPN Unlimited without getting blocked? It’s now the country with the biggest number of titles available at the moment. Thanks in advance

    • Hi Ben,

      Thanks for reaching out! Our streaming servers currently include US Netflix only. We’ll add Japanese Netflix to our wish list and let our team know you’re interested in it. But the ETA is not available at the moment. Stay tuned for our updates!

  5. I’ve been trying to access the UK Netflix, but nothing seems to work! Could you add that to the list of server connections you add?

    Thank you!

    • Hi

      Thanks for contacting us. Currently, we have a special server to stream US Netflix content only, while other regions are not available yet.

      However, we’re glad to inform we do have UK Netflix on our wish list, so you’ll be able to enjoy it in the future. At the moment there is no ETA, stay tuned for our updates!

  6. Showbox is working apptoid tv app and install..then open and the showbox app is there and works perfect. It was down for a couple of days but SHOWBOX is back
    Regards: Eve Hunt

    • Hey Eve,

      Thanks for reaching out. We’re glad everything is working for you now! In case you face any issues again, feel free to contact our customer support via [email protected]. We’ll gladly assist!

  7. Eric Frendo-Cumbo
    October 8, 2018 - 11:41 pm

    It would be great to be allowed to watch Netflix from the UK

    • Hi Eric,
      Currently our streaming server provides access to US Netflix only. We’re still gathering feedback from our users regarding the desired locations, but cannot provide any ETA as of now. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay tuned for all the latest news and updates!

  8. Not working.I choose netflix ip and not work.

  9. Hey Guys,

    How do i get nteflix speed and Quality using netflix server??
    Bought it today and can only use netflix via netflix streaming server..
    Unfortunately i cant use usa servers for netflix..
    Help Please.
    KInd Regards

    • Hi Gagan,
      Due to severe blocks of VPN providers, US Netflix content is only accessible via our specially designed Streaming Netflix server. As per speed and quality, please share some details with our support team at [email protected], we’ll gladly assist you!

  10. Netflix is completely blocked on all available VPN options both inside and outside of the US. When accessing Netflix using VPN IP for various countries/locations, it does not play any videos and says to turn off ad blocker or VPN to stream content. How can I use VPN unlimited to stream content when every country and option available on VPN Unlimited is completely blocked?

    • Hi Sean,
      Netflix really actively blocks VPN providers. However, we’ve managed to provide our users with a special Streaming server unblocking US Netflix content. Check out the Streaming Netflix, Hulu, California, San Francisco Server on the Servers tab as shown below:

      Streaming Netflix server

      In case you connect to the Streaming Netflix server and still have any issues, please contact our support team at [email protected]. We’ll gladly help you out!

  11. As of July 7th, this is not working. Tried both the PC, Mobile and router settings to connect to VPN.
    Netflix recognize the use of proxy and blocking that.

  12. Do you plan to allow streaming Netflix from France ?

    • Hello,
      Thanks for reaching out. As per French Netflix, we will let the relevant team know you are interested in it. But we cannot guarantee its availability in the nearest future. Stay tuned for our updates!

  13. Does not work as of 5/18.
    Tried 3 different IP addresses from after restoring my smarttv Android 4.4.4 to factory settings

  14. I already have a netflix account so this does not work for me. what should i do?

    • Hi User,
      We do have a special Streaming Server that provides access to US Netflix content. Please check out the below screenshot:
      Streaming Netflix Server
      In case you are connected to the relevant server and still face any issues, please contact our Support Team at [email protected]. We will be glad to look deeper into the case.

  15. Netflix and Amazon Prime not working on Mac and Amazon Fire, deleted cookies, website data, tried Safari, Firefox and Chrome, what else can I do¿?

  16. Can this be used on something other than a desktop computer/iPhone. More specifically a PS4, or with the Netflix that comes with a Telus Box?

    • Hi Karen,
      The best option here is to setup a VPN on your router. This way, all devices connected to it will be covered with the VPN, regardless of their initial VPN-friendliness. Please refer to our tutorials on how to configure a VPN on a router at the Manuals section.

  17. Are there plans to allow Netflix streaming from countries other than US and UK (e.g. Japan, Mexico)?

    • Hi Joshua,
      We do actually plan to expand our Netflix servers presence outside the US. However, to date we cannot provide you with approximate dates of their implementation. Now we are gathering feedback on the most desired locations, so thank you for voting for Japan and Mexico!

  18. I’m in Toronto and just tried accessing Netflix while my VPN is on. I know I’m not supposed to use the app but when I log in to the actual webpage it then directs me to the app in order to watch. And the app won’t let me watch anything and a window shows up that says there was a network error and problem connecting to Netflix. I’m going to the US and then Europe and want to be able to watch Netflix. Can this be resolved?

    • Hi Beverly,
      Please make sure that you are connected exactly via the Streaming Netflix, Hulu server and check your access to the Netflix website again. We can take a closer look at this with you. Contact us at [email protected], and we can assist you there.

  19. Hi when i log onto netflix on Ipas or iphone in a browser it shows the US Netflix version but the actual shows won’t play. It always redirects to the app.

    • Hi Dee,
      That is the expected behavior. Nevertheless, you should be able to access Netflix via the app as well. Just be sure that you are connected to the Streaming Netflix, Hulu server. Should you face any issues – don’t hesitate to reach our support team via [email protected].

  20. Would you consider providing access to Netflix Japan from outside?

    • Hi Colin,
      At the moment we are focused on US Netflix as the most popular one. However, we also plan to expand our users’ access to Netflix in other countries. The more requests on a particular region we receive, the higher its chance to be launched next.

  21. Does it work to watch Netflix or Hulu on iPad?

    • Hi Ricky,
      It certainly works! Simply connect to the Streaming Netflix, Hulu server and enjoy your favorite shows. We only recommend to use a browser instead of iPad apps for these streaming services.

  22. Is there a timeline when Countries like Canada might be added to the Netflix Server List. I’ve found that the movie selection there is far superior than the US.

    • Hi Carson,
      At the moment, we do not have an accurate time schedule for launching new servers. However, as Canada is one of the most popular requests, introduction of the Canadian server is expected to be one of the first.

  23. This is not illegal, is it? I bought a lifetime subscription and Netflix works great, but they will not close my account, right?

    • Hi Seda,
      Netflix can regulate the access to their content, you can either access it, or not. You should not worry about your account, using a VPN is not illegal, so your Netflix account is safe.

  24. Is a Netflix server planned for Toronto, Canada?

    • Hello Don,
      We do actually plan to extend our Netflix server group outside the US. The priority is formed by requests from our customers, so you’ve just boosted the rating of Canada in our list.

  25. Hi, I too unfortunately am getting Columbian netflix, I also cleared cache followed all instructions

  26. Hi, I too unfortunately am getting Columbian netflix, I also cleared cache followed all instructions. Same results. Geolocation es-CO

    • Hello Sunny,
      Our customer service is already in touch with you. Please follow the instructions of the support manager, so that your issue will be solved as soon as possible.

  27. Can you start working on a Sky Go version next please?

    I now get blocked using VPN Unlimited when trying to watch my SKY subscription in the UK when on holiday in Spain

    Used to work but now seems to see the end server IP and block it?

    • Hello Mike,

      Sky Go is already on our wish list, and our team is working on finding a stable solution. Unfortunately, no ETA right now.

  28. Mines worked for a while and now is not working. I use VPN app on a firestick and clear the cache often. Not sure why they would pick up all of a sudden after it working for so long. Perhaps the fact the account is registered in the UK and not in the USA could be the reason.

    Would like a more detailed explanation of what u guys did as I’m a network engineer.

    • Dear Graham,
      For the smoothest US Netflix experience, you need to have an US account and also make payments from the US. Please reach out to us via [email protected] and we’ll go from there together.

  29. When will you launch your own Mac / PC browser?

    • Hello Erik,
      At the moment, we do not have an estimated launch date.
      However, we have it in our development layout, as it has been already suggested by others as well. The more times a specific proposal is mentioned by our users, the higher priority it gets, and the sooner we develop it. So your feedback has just raised this item’s rating in our implementation plan.

  30. There aren’t any “streaming” servers accessible from Beijing. I used to see one from Medellín, Colombia, but not since my move. Netflix sees me as having a VPN with the regular servers and blocks me, even after clearing caches, cookies, etc. Cancelled my Netflix because of this.

  31. I’m having problems with the location too! I tried on a shield tv and worked great and I saw Madame Secretary show. On my iPhone via browser or app the login is in Spanish and I can’t see the Madam Secretary show on my list, nor find it via search.
    Please solve this problems!

  32. Netflix keeps recognizing that I’m using a proxy and won’t load. I have cleared cookie cache and followed advice already from the comments section.

  33. Works for me but now I’m getting the subtitles in Spanish instead of Dutch?

    • Hello Liz,
      You should get all the subtitles available for the US region. Please contact Netflix support to figure this out.

  34. Turn on streaming server and opened Netflix. It connected to Netflix Columbia and only the
    “SIGN IN / FREE FOR A MONTH” page. any advise?

    • Dear Arthur,
      Just create a Netflix account to enjoy its content. VPN Unlimited allows you to access it from anywhere in the world, but does not grant you a free Netflix account.
      Have more questions? Shoot us a message at [email protected] and we’ll get started.

  35. Thank you, works great for me once I picked the correct server. “Streaming Netflix, Hulu (beta)”

  36. Is it possible to watch UK Netflix while in the US? I’ve tried, but I get the proxy message from Netflix.

    • Dear Derek,
      To date, VPN Unlimited provides access to the US Netflix only. However, taking into account the amount of appeals on this matter, we’ll consider the UK direction as well.

  37. What happen if i have an account. Since its set already to my country can I still watch it.. I haven’t tried with proxy or private network so not sure.

    • Dear Juanito,
      If you already have a US Netflix account, connect to our Streaming Netflix server and access it from any spot on the Earth.

  38. Is it possible to create a Netflix link with the UK South server (BBC iPlayer)? I would like to access content you can see in the UK that we cannot in the US. I keep getting a message stating the content is not for my region. Is there a work around? I am tryin to access this on my IOS device. (Phone & iPad) Thank you!

    • Dear Logan,
      Unfortunately, the UK-South server only unlocks access to BBC iPlayer, but not Netflix. Our team is working towards opening the content not only for the US Netflix, but for others too, however we cannot guarantee this in the near term.

  39. Do I need a Netflix Account???

    • Hello RT,
      Yes, you do. VPN Unlimited grants you access to the US Netflix content wherever you are, but you need to be a registered user to watch it.
      If you need some further assistance, please contact us 24/7 at [email protected].

  40. Just tried this using the Netflix steaming server, as directed..and it seems to be working just fine for me. I even went the extra step and double-checked online to find a program NOT for viewing in my country and tried worked!

    Thanks for apparently working around the on-going issue of blocking on Netflix..and hopefully it will last for a long time.

    Much appreciated.

    • Dear Dan,

      Thank you for your comprehensive feedback! We are constantly working on improving our service and are not going to stop.

  41. How can I watch UK Netflix content? There are a few shows they have that we don’t have here in the US.

    • Hello Terri,
      Currently, our service allows you access the US Netflix only. Have you checked if those shows available on BBC iPlayer? You can easily reach it and this article describes how.

  42. Well in my case what I want is to access the TV shows and movies they have in Spain… Any way to do it?

    • Dear Mario,
      At the moment, VPN Unlimited unlocks the US Netflix only. Your suggestion will be taken into account and transferred to the developers. However, we can not promise the availability of Spanish Netflix in the near future.

  43. On but not able to see any content, I have option to sign in or create account.

    Please advise.

    • Dear Pete,
      You need a Netflix account in order to enjoy its content. Our service unblocks access to the US Netflix from anywhere in the world, but the rest is up to you.
      If you have more questions, please contact us at any time at [email protected].

  44. I thought this was like a free Netflix subscription. Guess not. How does this benefit me if I’m already a paying Netflix subscriber who lives in the US and isn’t interested in accessing other countries’ Netflix?

    • Dear Gregory,
      Even being the US citizen subscribed to Netflix, you can still benefit from our solution. We mean security and convenience, of course. You can always keep the VPN on and watch your favorite shows while staying protected.

  45. I tried this on the beta server (California?) a few weeks ago and it didn’t work as it recognised i was using a proxy. I was using the VPN Unlimited on my Sony TV and the Netflix app on the same TV, has it now changed or is there anything i need to do as it’s all on the TV, not laptop?

    • Dear Steve,
      You just need to launch VPN Unlimited, connect to the Streaming Netflix server, and open the Netflix app on your TV. Please tell us about the results at [email protected].

  46. I’m in Canada, and Netflix works but I don’t seem to be able to access content available on Netflix US.

  47. Hi, I’m unfortunately getting Columbian netflix, cleared cache. Same results.

  48. Thanks for the article.
    Doesn’t Netflix use your credit card to determine your region (like Apple)?
    Is the provided content according to your physical location or is it linked to your initial subscription?
    Thanks, Cas

    • Dear Cas,
      According to the information we have available, Netflix determines your location by the IP address. However, if there are any changes in their policy, you should contact Netflix support for the details.
      If you have questions regarding our service, please ask us directly at [email protected].

  49. Works for me! Had to clear my browser’s cookie but that’s great on my MAC

  50. I’ve connected to the VPN on my router so every device is automatically on the VPN. But this is not working for me. Netflix gives me the message “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy” when I try to access is on my smart tv or on my smartphone and my browser.

  51. How about Hulu? i am getting an error. It’s aware i am using a VPN

  52. Stopped working today

  53. Luc and Sonia Francois
    January 20, 2018 - 7:55 pm

    I have unsuccessfully pulled up a french netflix while having my vpn connected in France.

  54. Where can I find VPN Unlimited streaming Netflix server list?

    • Dear SamWieszKto,
      You can find a server called “Streaming Netflix, Hulu (beta)” in the servers list of the app. If you have any other questions – don’t hesitate to contact our customer service via [email protected].

  55. Works on my desktop. On my iPad now I get a redirect to the iOS app but I’m happy it works on my desktop.

  56. Tried on my ipad and it still says the video is not available in your area. Does it only work when using Netflix on a computer? I’m in Canada.


    • Dear Marvin,
      Supposedly, you are trying to access Netflix via the iPad app. Try to open it in your browser instead, being connected to the Streaming Netflix server and after clearing the cache as suggested in the previous answer.

  57. Not only does Hulu and Netflix stream but my TD Bank app now works too!!!

  58. The Streaming Netflix server works for me, but now it seems to give me access not to the U.S. library, but to the Mexican one (or maybe another Latin American one). Is that going to be temporary?

  59. It worked until yesterday…not sure what’s up…however, it Netflix doesn’t state that it knows I’m using VPN…

  60. The streaming Netflix server has stopped working for me.

  61. work for me

  62. Does not work for me. Netflix message states that I am using a proxy.

    • Dear Ricky,
      Have you tried to use the Streaming Netflix server?
      Also, the issue can lie in your browser’s cookies. Clear them as described here, or use the Incognito mode, and try again.
      If none of the above helps, please contact our customer support right from the app (Information tab) or at [email protected].

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