Connecting Android TV To VPN Unlimited

The idea of mirroring the screen of your mobile phone to a TV seemed impossible or rather silly just a decade ago. But today we have so much content on our mobile devices that it is close to obligatory to hook it up on quality big TV screen. Our Android phones have multiple HD videos, games, powerful software and useful apps. The idea of blowing up the phone’s tiny display to a TV screen size is not new but very useful. In addition, to having a chance to mirror the content from your Android device onto the large scale TV screen, you have ability to connect to unlimited VPN service and gain access to any selected content of your choice available elsewhere in the world.


Connecting Android TV

There are multiple approaches to the Android TV connection problem just like any tech-oriented dilemma that we may face. There is a Chromecast to broadcast movies, files, photos, etc. For a wirelessly mirroring your Android phone, there is also a Miracast that does the job too.

Despite such great software like Chromecast or the Miracast, these mirroring apps are found to produce unstable screen mirroring effects. A perfect mirroring effect with superficial low latency and no risk of wireless interference or unwanted dropouts including quality sound reproduction and fantastic convenience of using the screen mirroring, wherever there is an access to an HDMI port, requires a wired connection. A wired connection will ensure stable mirroring effect between your TV display and your Android phone.

For starters, do not confuse MHL with micro HDMI. If we recall, several years ago Android devices used to have a tiny micro HDMI port that looked similar to micro USB. Collocated with the data/charging ports, micro HDMI ports are easy to use in accordance with general outline, yet it requires purchasing a micro HDMI-to-HDMI cable.

If HDMI port is missing on your Android phone, than you should use MHL support instead. Keep in mind that MHL support is far from being a standard feature on Android, but luckily the MHL integration is pretty big. They are Samsung Galaxy series (S2, S3, S4, S5 and Note mini-tablet), Sony Xperia line, LG’s Optimus line and HTC’s line.

If you have confirmed that your Android phone supports MHL, all you need is an MHL cable. In this case, the right type of cable will ensure the smooth sailing and, on the contrary, buying the wrong type of cable will cause you headache. There are several MHL cables on the market including the Standard micro-USB-to-HDMI adapter and Samsung micro-USB-to-HDMI adapter. Make sure you buy the right type of active cable. Also, there a passive MHL cable that does not initiate active signal adaptation but it still can be used for the job.

  • Important tip: make sure to pair the MHL cable with a Suitable USB Charger

Plug in Process Made Easy!

It is worth mentioning that MHL cable does the rest of the connecting process extremely easy like plug and play. Luckily, there is no need for additional updates, software upload, drivers or playing around with numerous applications and file permissions. There are no advanced Android tricks or rooting involved.

  1. Plug the male HDMI cable into the television or other selected display system.
  2. Plug the male micro USB cable into the Android device.
  3. Connect the male USB cable with a USB charger.
  4. If you use a passive cable, the setup is identical.

As soon as the connection is setup, the display will show whatever is on your mirrored Android device but you will use with a greater pleasure on the larger, pleasing to the eye external display.

The same procedure is applicable if you wish to connect unlimited VPN service with only difference that you will be able to select your location digitally, opening up the door to a greater number of opportunities to connect to territory-restricted content. In addition, VPN Unlimited app is absolutely great for security reasons. Turn on your VPN app, connect to your desired location and enjoy the shows available in different time zones.

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