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Let’s talk about online safety for a minute and review VPN vs. Proxy. There is a misinterpreted concept that VPN service and Proxy are alike because they both hide your IP address. VPN and Proxy work differently. Whether you like it or not, Proxy only filters web traffic, i.e. it cannot fully guarantee the 100% anonymous connection tool. However, VPN encrypts the entire Internet connection, making it impossible to hack into your computer or snoop around your WiFi activity. In order to have a clear vision of the two services, let’s review VPN and Proxy parameters and how they work.

Proxy Servers

Actually, Proxy is a service that acts more like a web filter. When you surf the web, the browser that you use will has applicable proxy settings (Safari, MSIE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.) It means that your geo-location, security and speed are determined and protected, but this is a sort of a weak safeguard because Proxy is a browser-based service and it cannot fully hide your Internet activity, making your web browsing vulnerable.


VPN or Virtual Private Network does its job differently. VPN reroutes all your traffic to the server and creates encrypted tunneling of 100% of data. It replaces your local ISP, changes geo-location, keeps your web surfing anonymous, provides reinforced security, and much more.

  • VPN modulates an encrypted ‘tunnel’ from your electronic device and the host server.
  • All Internet traffic goes in and out of the server.
  • ISP shows that you are connected to VPN server only, meaning your online activities, IP addresses, geo-location, other info are encrypted.
  • All your information stays private with a trustworthy VPN service.
  • VPN Unlimited keeps no logs, keeping customers’ data 100% anonymous.
  • VPN Unlimited offers a high level of traffic encryption.
  • Setting VPN Unlimited is easy, and the app does the setting automatically.
  • You can use a single account on five electronic devices.
  • VPN Unlimited supports iOS, Mac OXS, and Windows.
  • VPN Unlimited can increase speed connection up your Internet connection sometimes.
  • VPN allows access blocked websites from geo-restricted areas.

When Making Your Final Decision, Review these Parameters

  1. Setup. VPN Unlimited does the set up automatically.
  2. Security. VPN service routes data through encrypted tunneling.
  3. Encryption. VPN uses standard protocols along with unique encryption.
  4. Speed. VPN Unlimited increases the speed of you web connection.
  5. Stability. VPN offers 100% safe Internet surfing.


As you can see, VPN is better and superior in every aspect to Proxy. You cannot rely on a Proxy protection, and keep in mind that Proxy uses a browser-based technology, unable to give a high level safeguard during Internet surfing. As much as we can stress out the importance of protected WiFi hotspots browsing, the decision of using VPN is completely up to you. In conclusion, we would like to say that superior VPN service is about dedication to anonymity, which is the function that most Internet users want.


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