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Our New VPN Lite Brainchild – What’s the Difference from KeepSolid VPN Unlimited?

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Hey folks, KeepSolid team has incredible news. We wanted to create something special for you, so we decided to expand our security product line. After a few months of hard work and much deliberation, we are finally ready to present you our new brainchild. Meet free VPN Lite and its improved version – Lite VPN Turbo!

Can you imagine that? From now on you can get VPN software by KeepSolid for absolutely FREE. Today we’d like to tell you more about our new product and answer all the possible whats and whys. What’s so special about VPN Lite? What’s the difference between VPN Lite and KeepSolid VPN Unlimited? Let’s check it out!

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Story of the birth of free VPN Lite and Lite VPN Turbo

Our regular readers might know that we have been on the VPN market since 2013 with our security solution, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited. Throughout this time we have earned the trust of more than 10 million satisfied customers and become experts in cyber security. Over the years we have been developing our VPN software, updating it, implementing various security features, and, of course, listening to our customers’ feedback and suggestions. A while ago some of our users started asking us to create a one-click free VPN app. Well, you’ve asked – we obey.

Free VPN Lite is a minimalistic one-click application that literally has one high-speed server, one extremely secure protocol, and only one button to turn on your VPN connection. Click To Tweet

VPN Lite is a real tap-and-go solution for your online security with minimalistic settings. It literally has one high-speed server, one extremely secure protocol, and only one button to turn on your VPN connection. Our free VPN software was made specifically for smart devices, so you can use Google Play and App Store to download it. For those who would like to use something more versatile than free VPN Lite but simpler than VPN Unlimited, we also offer a paid version, called VPN Turbo.

What’s the difference between VPN Unlimited, free VPN Lite, and Lite VPN Turbo?

In order to look into the matter, we prepared for you the app comparison chart.  

Comparative analysis of VPN Unlimited, free VPN Lite, and VPN Turbo in tabular form

Free VPN Lite (and its paid version VPN Turbo) is an easy to use app for those who are always on the go, spend a lot of time on the internet using their smartphone, and just want to protect their private data. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, in turn, is for more advanced use, when you need all the capabilities of a full-fledged VPN app for various goals like torrenting, online streaming, online gambling, etc.

In addition to those shown in the chart, there are a few other more subtle similarities and differences between our products. The differences are:

  • Number of connected devices and available platforms. While KeepSolid VPN Unlimited offers its users coverage of 5+ devices, free VPN Lite and VPN Turbo cover only 1. Also, Lite and Turbo versions are developed specifically for iOS and Android.

  • Number of servers. The Lite version has one available server, but it is completely free. Paid subscriptions offer you over 400 VPN servers, also available during free trial. Additionally, servers for torrenting and streaming are implemented only in KeepSolid VPN Unlimited.

  • Registration and User Office. You are required to create KeepSolid ID only for VPN Unlimited. This allows you to connect your account to 5 different devices and gives you access to User Office. The latter is a perfect tool to manage your subscription and purchase extras like Personal Server, Personal IP, and Extra Devices.

Free VPN Lite and VPN Unlimited as 2 superheroes standing on the roof.

Some features are a must for all of our apps. The main similarities are as follows:

  • Our apps are perfect for encrypted, safe, and anonymous browsing
  • No-Log policy
  • There is no advertising in the apps
  • We do not limit our users’ speed or bandwidth
  • Response time from our Technical Support is only about 1 hour

So, which one of our brainchildren is perfect for you? If you still don’t know, starting with free VPN Lite sounds like a good idea 🙂


  1. Nice, knowing I’ll never run out of my 10 slots when I connect new android devices in the future for general purpose protection! That’s the bonus of choosing VPN Unlimited so thanks!

    • Hi,
      Thanks for your feedback! Enjoy your private and protected web surfing with our top-notch VPN software!

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