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Torrenting in 2020: How to Download Torrents Anonymously and Safely

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  1. Why is downloading torrents illegal?
  2. VPN – the tool for hiding your IP address while torrenting
  3. Tips for choosing the best torrent VPN
  4. How to torrent anonymously using KeepSolid VPN Unlimited
  5. Bonus tips on how to torrent safely
  6. Bottom line on downloading torrents anonymously and safely

Have you ever been engaged in an illegal activity? Your common sense answer might be no, but you’d better think twice. Perhaps you did download torrents, at least once. In many countries, it is equal to piracy and is punished by law.

Why is downloading torrents illegal?

Well, to be clear, torrent download itself is legal. What is actually illegal is downloading and sharing copyrighted content. However, there’s a pitfall. It’s usually difficult, if not impossible, to determine which torrent files contain copyrighted material. So, governments tend to take “one size fits all” approach and consider any kind of torrenting illegal.

Unintentionally, you may end up involved in this illegal activity, with unpleasant consequences. These consequences may include copyright infringement notices from your ISP, fines, and even imprisonment (if you happen to be in the country with strict anti-torrenting laws). But no worries! Check out our article and learn how to download torrents anonymously and hide your torrenting from ISP with KeepSolid VPN Unlimited 😉  

VPN – the tool for hiding your IP address while torrenting

Your gateway to anonymous torrent download is a reliable VPN service like KeepSolid VPN Unlimited. Masking IP while torrenting as well as encrypting internet traffic, the VPN technology doesn’t let your ISP and other parties monitor your activities. So, if you happen to be in the country forbidding torrents download, just enable VPN and download all the legal content you want.  

Besides, with VPN on, you no longer expose your real IP to other torrent users. How do they get this info? Quite easy in fact. When you connect to a torrent swarm, other peers that share this file can see IP addresses of other computers in the swarm, as shown on the screenshot below. All IP addresses publicly visible. Not an appealing perspective, agree?

Peers list with exposed IP addresses in Vuze Bittorent client

Peer list from Vuze Bittorrent client

Tips for choosing the best torrent VPN

When deciding on a VPN provider, you primarily need to pay attention to the following features:

  • VPN servers that support torrent download

Note that not all VPN services actually support torrenting, so it’s essential to ensure they do have torrent-friendly servers. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited will not leave you alone with the question how to download torrented movies and other content without any risk. We do provide special VPN servers for anonymous and secure torrent download.   

  • Kill Switch feature for better protection of your identity online

Kill Switch is the technology that immediately stops internet traffic on your device if VPN connection suddenly drops. Allow us to explain why the feature is so crucial for downloading torrents anonymously.

Imagine your VPN connection dropping for some reason while your torrent file download is still in process. All the traffic interaction will now be directed at your real IP. You are no longer anonymous, your IP is exposed, and your ISP sees what you’re actually doing… But not if Kill Switch is enabled 😉

  • Other qualities of a good VPN software

What’s also important for smooth torrenting are good speeds, unlimited traffic, and no bandwidth throttling. Enjoy secure and anonymous torrenting with KeepSolid VPN Unlimited!

How to torrent anonymously using KeepSolid VPN Unlimited

  1. Download KeepSolid VPN Unlimited for the platform you need. It’s available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and also has browser extensions for Google Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox. So, you’ll definitely find the required version for the most convenient torrenting!
  2. Create a KeepSolid ID, or log in to the app with an existing one.
  3. Make sure Kill Switch is enabled in the app Menu > Settings:

Kill Switch feature of KeepSolid VPN Unlimited app. Enable it and download torrents completely anonymously and securelyNote: Kill Switch is currently available for Windows, iOS, and Android versions of the app.

  1. Go to the Servers screen and connect to one of the VPN servers for torrenting:

Special servers for secure and anonymous torrenting in the KeepSolid VPN Unlimited appThe screenshot was taken on Windows. The same torrent-friendly servers are available on all other platforms.

  1. Open your torrent client and start your safe and anonymous torrenting!

By the way, if you want to download torrents on your iPhone, check out the list of best apps for torrenting. Got an iPad? Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to download torrents on iPad, where you’ll find instructions for BitTorrents, Downloaders, and Torrent Downloader VPN.

Bonus tips on how to torrent safely

Now you know how to protect your IP address when torrenting and avoid copyright infringement notices from your ISP. But what about other threats?

A number of torrent websites bombard their users with numerous ads and links to what turn out to be dangerous websites. Many reputable advertisers just don’t want to deal or be associated with torrent sites. The latter, willing to get revenue and cover their costs, have little choice other than to turn to shady advertisers.  

Check out the below simple tips that will add up security to your anonymous torrent download. These are general cyber security precautions you’ve surely heard about before, but as they say, practice makes perfect;)  

  • Avoid ad banners

Don’t click on ad banners, no matter how appealing the offer. And if you clicked on one, don’t install any software or plugins it offers. An even better idea – install an ad-blocker and you won’t see ads while visiting torrent sites at all.

Gif. Lee Daniels saying please be careful


  • Disable flash in your browser

Some malicious ads contain auto-executable scripts that can exploit browser vulnerabilities even if you didn’t click on them. The scripts of such ads can target flash vulnerabilities, especially older versions. To avoid being infected with malware this way, it’s recommended to disable flash in your browser or set it to require manual approval for displaying flash content.

  • Use an updated antivirus

This one might be the cyber security tip you hear most often – but use a good antivirus software and make sure it’s updated regularly. Just being careful doesn’t keep you completely safe from viruses. Antivirus software is an indispensable line of defense against cyber threats.

  • Read comments on the torrent

Read the comments to the torrent files or torrented software you want to install. If they contain a virus, users who’ve already faced with it may warn others in the comments.

Bottom line on downloading torrents anonymously and safely

Follow these general security precautions so as not to fall into hackers’ traps while torrenting. And do it incognito of course – you now know how. Using a reliable VPN is the best way to download torrents anonymously. So, make sure to enable KeepSolid VPN Unlimited and you’re all set to start your risk-free torrenting!


  1. Hi,

    When I’m downloading a torrent, it opens vuze, but the torrent won’t start. VPN blocks it I think. I am on a torrent server. The torrent only starts when I quit VPN Unlimited, but that does not seem safe to me.. How can I fix that issue?


    • Hi Eric,

      Thanks for reaching out! Our team would definitely like to look into this. Please drop an email with some more details to [email protected], and we’ll help you get everything up and running 😉

  2. Yes thank you the app did not have the Kill Switch option. The Stand Alone does. But now when I install the Stand Alone version my qBittorrent Program will not open. Which is defeating the whole purpose of me buying this.

  3. In the Windows 10 app I don’t find a Kill Switch option in Settings.

    • Hey,

      Thanks for reaching out! The Microsoft Store version of KeepSolid VPN Unlimited doesn’t currently have the Kill Switch feature.

      However, if you download the Standalone version, you’ll find Kill Switch in the app’s Menu > Settings.

  4. So if we download the MacOS app that is not on the app store (the stand alone version) will it have a list of torrents on it then?

    • Hi,

      You are absolutely right! The standalone version of KeepSolid VPN Unlimited for Mac has a separate P2P servers tab. Check out the screenshot below:

      P2P servers tab of KeepSolid VPN Unlimited app

  5. You should write this somewhere.
    I’m on Mac and I was lost, no more “torrents” mention on servers. I was thinking :
    – VPN Unlimited has stopped supporting torrent
    – All servers are now open for torrent / streaming.
    And no news on your sites / facebook exept this comment

    • Hi Damien,

      We do support torrent download as before. It’s due to App Store requirements that we had to remove any mention of it.

      Find the list of torrent-friendly servers below:

        US-California 1
        France (Paris)

      Connect to any of them and continue enjoying secure & anonymous torrenting!

  6. There is no torrent tab in the servers section of all versions since VPN Unlimited v5 was introduced. did it disappear? Only Favorites, General, and Streaming appear.

    • Hi Wilcox,

      Thanks for contacting us! To comply with the App Store Policy we were forced to remove any mention of torrent servers from the iOS and macOS (Store) versions of the app.

      However, all the torrent-friendly servers are still available to all our users. The list is the same irregardless of your device’s OS: US-California 1, Canada-Ontario, Romania, Luxembourg, and France (Paris). Find them on the General servers tab, connect to any of the torrent servers, and enjoy secure and anonymous torrenting!

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