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How to Unblock Hulu Outside the US and Japan, and How to Watch Best Hulu TV Shows and Movies

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Meet Jimmy the cinephile. He is a real aficionado of shows like South Park, Rick and Morty, and The Handmaid’s Tale, and he always can’t wait to watch the newest episodes. You can see why he chose Hulu to stream best TV series and movies on his Kodi device.

Today was a difficult day for our hero. He had to take a business trip to Europe. The flight was horrible, and he had to wait for 2 hours to check into his hotel. The only thing that kept Jimmy’s spirits high was the anticipation of when he will finally be able to relax in his room and watch the latest episode of his favorite show in his Hulu account.

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Now, finally, he’s finished with all his chores and is ready to dive into the evening of bingewatching. Jimmy turns on his tablet, logs in to his streaming account… And finds out you can’t watch Hulu outside the US or Japan. Now that’s a bummer. So, does this mean that his night is completely ruined? Or is there any way he can unblock Hulu overseas? Find out later in this piece!

How does Hulu work and what are the best movies and shows on Hulu?

To understand what can be done in Jimmy’s situation, we should first go over the basics. If you’d like to get a deeper understanding of the service, we suggest you take a look at this Hulu review on the properly named website for cordcutters. But in short, Hulu is a streaming service that focuses on network TV. Among its main benefits are an impressive selection of titles, cooperation with major TV networks, and all new episodes being aired one day after their TV release.

Hulu used to offer a free subscription, but has lately abandoned it and now provides paid services. The prices start from $7.99 for the basic package. You also have an array of extra services to choose from, such as add-on channels or commercial-free plans.

But the bread and butter of Hulu are, of course, its best TV shows and movies. Family Guy, Adventure Time, Shut Eye, The Handmaid’s Tale, Runaways, America with Sarah Silverman, and the like will keep you entertained for weeks and months to come. Partnership with networks like NBC, ABC, and Fox is what ensures an endless supply of high quality videos to its users.

Watch best TV shows and movies on Hulu

Examples of Hulu shows as of December 2018 (с) Hulu

How to watch Hulu outside the US and Japan?

So, can Jimmy watch the latest episodes of best Hulu TV shows in Europe (or Canada, or Mexico, or anywhere else overseas)? Luckily, there is an easy, quick, and reliable way to watch Hulu outside the US and Japanby using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

VPN is a software that routes your internet traffic through a server of your choice. This effectively substitutes your real IP address with that of the server, so for any third-party it will look like the traffic originates in the server’s location. This allows to bypass any geo-blocking, including the kind that denies access to streaming services to our hero.

Handsome young man holding remote control and looking surprised after learning how to watch Hulu outside of the US

However, just any VPN will not suffice. It takes a service well-suited for the job, like KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, to unblock Hulu and other streaming services outside the US. Besides bypassing geo restrictions, VPN Unlimited also offers a number of compelling features. To name a few:

  • AES-256 encryption to ensure the integrity of your personal data
  • Protection against tracking and spying to ensure the anonymity of your online activities
  • FREE 7-day trial + 7-day money back guarantee, so that you have plenty of time to see if the app suits your needs
  • Extended protection – connect up to 5 devices to a single account
Jimmy turns on his tablet, logs in to his streaming account… And finds out he can’t watch Hulu outside the US or Japan. Now that’s a bummer. So, does this mean that his night is completely ruined? Or is there any way he can unblock… Click To Tweet

How to unblock Hulu outside the US using VPN Unlimited?

Unblocking Hulu with a VPN is actually quite easy and fast. Here is what you have to do:

  1. Get KeepSolid VPN Unlimited (download it and log in using your KeepSolid ID)
  2. In the VPN Unlimited app, click the server panel in the bottom of the main menu > click the Streaming tab > select the Hulu server
  3. Log in your Hulu account or create a new one (in the latter case, follow steps 4 and 5 as well)
  4. Since this streaming service requires that your payments come from the US, buy a gift card for Hulu from any distributor, e.g. Amazon, eBay, WalMart, GameStop, Best Buy, etc.
  5. Use the card to access Hulu and enjoy best movies and TV shows

At long last, Jimmy can watch his favorite series and never miss the newest episode even when outside the US. The evening is saved, and he can completely satisfy his bingewatching cravings. So can you! Try KeepSolid VPN Unlimited for FREE and see how much it improves your streaming experience.

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