KeepSolid Wise, a smart solution to get total online freedom

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Can you imagine being cut off from Gmail, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, or other favorite sites and apps that you use every day? Let’s say, yesterday you were watching YouTube and saying ‘Hi’ to your 1000+ followers on a popular social network. Today, you’re frustrated because your user password keeps getting rejected on the very same website you were just chatting on last evening!

img_earth If this situation happens to you, in spite of the fact that your VPN service is enabled, you might be living in or travelling around countries where VPN services are actively being targeted and blocked. Being on a network in such countries like China, the UAE, Russia, Turkey, Syria, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia or Indonesia, you definitely don’t want the network to know you are using a VPN. The only way out is to conceal your VPN connection.

VPN blocking is not an issue anymore

KeepSolid team has developed a remarkable new headway technology, KeepSolid Wise. This is a great progress in the fight against the Firewall issue that users encounter all over the world, including the growing concern about the fact that VPN protocols are being inspected and blocked by governments, corporations and ISPs via deep packet inspection (DPI).

Our security approach masks the VPN traffic, and allows you to stealthily slip by the firewall, protecting your VPN connection from being detected and throttled. Now you can experience a truly open and uncensored internet, even if standard VPN protocols are getting blocked.

The KeepSolid Wise technology really does hide your VPN traffic, making it an innocent-looking transformed traffic instead, e.g. standard HTTPS, that makes it invisible to DPI firewalls. When KeepSolid Wise is on, the connection tends to be more stable and unaffected by any internet restrictions.

Don’t take chances with your internet sanity. Update the app and enjoy the best online experience behind the great firewall.


  1. Thank you so much for this app. But I’ve got a question: if the VPN Unlimited programm on iOS 10 is switched on and I’m switching on the “keepSolid Wise” the wi-fi doesn’t connect. If the wi-fi is on and after that I’m switching on the “keepsolid wise”, than it’s working ok. What’s the problem?

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