Essential Update: the Kill Switch Feature for VPN Unlimited

Essential Update: the Kill Switch Feature for VPN Unlimited

VPN technology has many implications. Some people utilize it casually, to occasionally get access to a blocked website or service. However, for certain users VPNs are of much greater importance. For journalists and political activists living in autocratic states, it is their only defense against governmental surveillance and censorship. For business owners, VPN services grant security of their commercial secrets from hackers and competitors. Even for simple netizens, a proper VPN often means the difference between access to their favorite service and a ban.

You know what’s common about all those people? Even the slightest disruption in VPN connection will cause their complete deanonymization. This happens because their real IP and other information become visible via normal, ISP-provided connection.

Even such a reliable and stable service as VPN Unlimited is not immune from a sporadic disconnect. Well, we’re not going to risk our users’ safety and confidentiality. That’s why we’re proud to announce the launch of a long-awaited Kill Switch feature for our VPN service!

About the Kill Switch feature

What is kill switch? It is a technology that monitors the state of your VPN connection. As soon as it detects any disruptions (whatever the cause), it automatically disables your device’s internet connection until the VPN’s work is restored. This means that not a single bit of traffic will be transferred unencrypted, effectively protecting your IP from from revelation and ascertaining your online anonymity.

Essential Update: the Kill Switch Feature for VPN UnlimitedWe have already implemented the Kill Switch feature in the Android 8 (or higher) and macOS standalone versions of VPN Unlimited, and are planning to add it to Windows and Linux standalone versions in the nearest future. A system-based kill switch, like the one on Android, has a number of benefits. The biggest one is the feature functioning independently from our app. So even if your device’s system disables VPN Unlimited for some reasons, like in a low memory situation, the Kill Switch feature will stay on.

To enable the new feature on an Android device, go to VPN Unlimited settings and choose the Always-on VPN and Block connections without VPN options. On macOS, go to settings and turn on the Kill Switch option. Now your privacy is secured from any sudden connection breaks.

We hope that you will enjoy the extra security added with the Kill Switch feature! It greatly complements the privacy protection that VPN Unlimited provides and will be of great use for anyone concerned about their confidentiality online. If you have any questions about this feature, or our services as a whole, check our Kill Switch Info page or feel free to contact us at [email protected]. And if for some reason you still haven’t made use of the VPN Unlimited benefits, you can download it now and get a 7-day free trial.


  1. I’m still waiting on my reply for your offer of 5 additional devices for my subscription of VPN unlimited for the price of $24.99. I never got the invoice sent to me to close the deal.

  2. Thank you, interesting feature. In which version will this be available? I’ve updated my versions on the different equipment, but it doesn’t appear in the menu…..

    • Dear Henk,
      The Kill Switch option is currently available on Android 8.0+ and macOS standalone version only. Please, be sure to update the OS, in the case of Android, or download the standalone version of the VPN Unlimited app, in the case of macOS.

  3. Is this available on iPhone app? I don’t see the option there.

    • Hello Isaiah,
      Kill Switch is currently available on Android and macOS only. iOS devices have the On Demand feature that acts similarly to Kill Switch. Check our article for more details.

  4. Mistake/misspelling or another reason to skip iOS in list of supported platforms?

    • Dear Mike,
      The Kill Switch feature is incompatible with iOS devices, however there is still the Connect on Demand option. Please, see this article for the details.

  5. Any idea when the Kill Switch function will be active on the Windows version? That is a really important feature for a VPN and every VPN should have one. That should come built in already and set to be active by default in my opinion.

    Big fan of VPN Unlimited, stable/easy to use/etc., but the Kill Switch feature not in the current Windows version is disappointing.

    • Hi Lee,
      Thank you for being with us!
      Kill Switch for Windows is one of our top priorities for the near future, however at the moment we cannot provide you with the exact date of its implementation. Follow us in social networks (for instance, Facebook and Twitter) and/or subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned with the updates.

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