Order your dedicated server today & save 50% off!

serverVPN_socialWe are thrilled to share the long-sought-after pre-order of dedicated servers has started! Moreover, now you can get a VPN server in one of the available countries at a 50% discount of its regular price. Be the first to get it before the feature is available for others.

With this option, you will get a server that is for your own use only. No other VPN Unlimited user would be available to connect to it, allowing you to use it as your very own private and secure server.

A dedicated server means you get:

  • A personal VPN server within the VPN Unlimited client app
  • The highest level of security
  • Top conne
    ction speed
  • Dedicated IP in the selected country
  • High priority 24/7 support
  • Includes 1 year Professional plan (regular price $23.99)
  • Enables free regular access to VPN servers until your server is ready

You can choose a server anywhere around the globe from North America to Asia, to Pacific.

The public release is planned for summer 2016, but as an early-bird buyer you will be able to use it starting this spring.

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