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IvanovUpdate: The offer expired on October 31st, 2014.

Every popularity requires a price to be paid. For the past months, our VPN Unlimited flagship received a wide array of questions. The questions included the issues of service interruptions that users have experienced occasionally. We are willing to hear back from our users more and offer a compensation for the service interruptions that our users are going to like.

Why does this happen?

In order for our users to have a better idea what is the ground of the service issues, let me provide brief information about the basics of VPN technology. Internet websites are made up of completely different equipment, technologies, codes, protocols that use incompatible standards. This happened due to the rapid development of the Internet and we as professionals have to cope with a whole variety of different instruments to make the applications work well and be compatible with other online standards.

Historically, the majority of internet companies has influenced and contributed to the Internet  development and they had their own network equipment. Despite of a great number of attempts to perform basic standardization, the compatibility issues continue to occur. Every OS is made to support only a limited number of VPN protocols. Also, each protocol has its own list of advantages and disadvantages. Based on the above mentioned factors, we as a company do our best and put as much effort as we can to renew the servers and client applications every month. And we have to admit that the issues we solve were initially found and reported by our regular customers.

At this point, we are grateful to our service users that write us at [email protected], tell us about the possible problems, and we tend to solve them in a very little time. We are thankful because users help us make our services better and enable us to provide a high level of online safety through VPN Unlimited.

That’s why we have a special offer for you today. If you find an issue unknown to us, please, email us and you will get a promo-code for VPN service. In order to do that, make sure to add a title “GIVE ME CODE FOR AN ISSUE” to your email.

We are grateful for helping us make our VPN Unlimited service better, safer, and more secure!


  1. Hi,

    I reinstalled the VPN software earlier today and again attempted to link to the Global Economic Intersection blog site via a hyperlinked story in their email report this evening. Again, connection elicited the following message:

    403 Forbidden – (none)

    If you are a human reading this – it is an error of our website filters. Please email [email protected] and provide a copy of this notice.

    IP address =

    I do not pretend to know what the problem is, but i thought you would find this problem of interest.

    I hope that this turns out to be a trivial matter as I am quite interested in learning whether I am doing something wrong or if this is a glitch.

    • Hey William, we’re waiting for your letter at [email protected].
      Please specify the email address you are using to login VPN Unlimited app on your device, as we asked you earlier. We can’t help you without these details.

      • I sent an email a few minutes ago, however, I forgot to mention that I originally was directed to your special offer in the iNet promotional email. I bought the 3-year license and dropped the receipt/code in your Offers Icons. It appeared to be accepted.

  2. Yesterday, I purchased the 3-yr Optimal plan, downloaded and installed the VPN software. I must have used my Facebook acct at an early step in this process, however, I also created password to use for installation. However, when I attempted initial log-in, I think I must have used my gmail address in the User Name box rather than my Yahoo address; thus, my password was not recognized. Eventually, I thought that I had straightened out the log-in procedure. The software seemed to be working, but the blue pop-up did not disappear after log-in, so I minimized it. Later in the day, I posted a note on Facebook indicating the inability I encountered attempting to find the Global Financial Economics blog site; that elicited a response from tech support (which I could not figure out how to do on the Simplex Solutions site.

    I have two questions:
    a. How do I change status from Trial user to subscriber to your 3-yr membership status?

    b. Why does the blue pop-up not disappear after log-in; I just minimize it to the Task Bar. By the way, the link to Customer Service did not work, although the link to Facebook did work. Thanks for your attention. I look forward to adding this software to my Laptop as a security feature.

    • Hello, William
      Please, contact customer support service directly and specify the email address you are using to login VPN Unlimited app on your device. And we will check your subscription status.
      As for accessing Global Economic Intersection, unfortunately, we can not assist you with this. We have tried to access this web site ( and had the same error. It seems to be, there is a problem exactly with their web site.

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