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Simplex Solutions Inc. has yet another great news to announce! As VPN Unlimited continues to grow, we make sure each and every client gets the quality service without any restrictions on speed and bandwidth. Typically, VPN is used as your basic protection for any kind of online activity, secures you from any cybercriminal activity, gives you access to territory-restricted content especially when traveling, offers safe online shopping and WiFi experience. Aside from having an extended list of servers, we have added a new server located in Miami, Florida. The Miami server will ensure even greater coverage for the South part of North American continent and South America as well. Let’s explore some fun facts about Miami and see what this gorgeous place has to offer if you ever decide to visit the city.


Fun Things to Do in Miami

The quintessential Miami hot spot is the South Beach. Famous for shopping and partying, South Beach is the “trendy spot”! Aside from staying in the top Miami’s hotels, also there are great walking tours, the Art Deco architecture exhibition and the best night clubs. South Beach Walking Tour will take you back to the 1920s as this place has always been synonymous to nonstop fun, glamour and glitz.



If you want the best nature & animal scenes ever, then head to Zoo Miami. A wide variety of animals from all over the world are here including Africa, Asia, Australia, etc., and all animals are completely cage-free, grouped according to their geographic territory.


For more child and teenager fun visit the Miami Children’s Museum and the Miami Museum of Science. A learning adventure for the whole family, both museums have a whole variety of interactive exhibits that will leave you breathless.


For history lookout, visit the Ancient Spanish Monastery. Noted as one of the best and most important monasteries in North America continent, the buildings originate to 1133-1144 in Segovia, Spain. Dedicated to Virgin Mary, it was dismantled in Europe and shipped to US. In 1952, the monastery was rebuilt in Miami (it took 2 years and $1.5 million dollars).


Did You Know?

  • Jualia Tuttle, a brilliant woman was a founder of the Miami.
  • Miami was named after a Native American tribe, the Mayaimis. They lived there until the 17th century. Actually, Miayaimis or “big water” was the name of the Lake Okeechobee.
  • Over 800 parks are located in the Miami area. The two separate National Parks are bordered: Everglades National Park and Biscayne National Park.
  • The Miami Beach is the world’s largerst collection of Art Deco Architechture.
  • Miami’s development started back in 1944 otherwise it would have been a mangrove swamp.
  • The first suntan lotion was first introduced by the Miami Beach pharmacist.
  • Miami owns the world’s largest cruise ship port!
  • In the past, it was a popular place for pirates. They liked to come to its shores for nice visits and hide their precious treasures.
  • In 2009, about 12 million people visited Miami.
  • It is the “Wreck Diving Capital of the America’s” (lots of wrecks).


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