VPN Unlimited. Getting Access to Different Payment Methods

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What Payment System Should I use to renew my VPN Unlimited Subscription?

We believe that our clients deserve to use the best app and service payment systems available on the Internet. Simplex Solutions Inc. always strives to offer the best quality applications and services and customer support. The same applies to the payment system selection as there is a variety of choices how clients can pay for the products and services they choose to buy. We used to offer the standard App Store payment system and PayPal. Today, we added a new payment system, the Amazon for clients’ convenience in processing payment.

The reason that we have added Amazon is because our financial department did a research to find out that it is one of the most popular online payments. If you look at the statistics, Amazon has over 38 million of registered customers who use this payment system quite often. Now, our clients can renew their subscription using the Amazon payment system too.

Why choose Amazon?

1. Amazon is a fast payment system that lets clients send money for the applications and services they choose worldwide.

2. The name of Amazon is associated with reliable payment method that is made through Amazon.com account.

3. The payment can be made using your bank account or credit card. Also, clients can pay up with Amazon Payments Account balance.

4. The reasons that we have offered the Amazon payment system to our clients are as follows:

a)    easy sign-up and registration;

b)    personal account with Amazon payments;

c)    any credit card use;

d)    access to several amazon accounts instead of one

e)    Personal and Business account options

5. Amazon payment system offers extra protection of personal and financial information customers provide. Clients’ information stays 100% confidential.

6. The reason many Ecommerce websites and renowned companies use the Amazon because it accepts a variety of credit cards including: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, and Discover.

Now, all customers of Simplex Solutions Inc. can process their payments and renew their VPN Unlimited service subscription through App Store, PayPal and Amazon for their convenience and financial safety.

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