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Moscow is close to impossible to describe in a short blog post as it is a major economic, cultural, political and scientific center in Eastern Europe. The Moscow’s life fascinates with its complexity and fullness. Acclaimed location with the largest number of billionaire residents on the planet, Moscow today is ranked to be the 7th most expensive city with the largest urban economy. An alpha global city continues to grow day by day proving to be the ultimate tourist destination (from MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index). Today, we are excite to announce our brand new VPN Unlimited server in Moscow. Aside from bringing unlimited bandwidth and Internet speed to our global customer audience, we are excited as Moscow VPN server availability is yet to contribute to ever expanding VPN safety and fast connection. Customers from West & East Europe, and Asia are to benefit from connecting to Moscow server for even better, quicker and secure online surfing experience.


Amazing Places to See in Moscow, Russia

Moscow Kremlin is a world-known historic fortified complex, located in the heart of the city. With its amazing views, Kremlin is overlooking the Moskva River.
Red Square is the most popular square in Moscow and in the world. Separating the Kremlin, Red Square continues to be the hallmark of Russia.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral is the church of Vasily the Blessed.
The State Tretyakov Gallery has the biggest painting collection and is the largest art gallery in Moscow with its masterpieces of the foremost depository of Russian Fine Art.


The Bolshoi Theater is a historic theater in Russia designed by the renowned architect Joseph Bove.



Fascinating Facts about Moscow

  • It is the biggest city in Europe that was founded in 1147 by Yuri Dolgorukiy.
  • In 2015, the federal city day celebration will have its 868 birthday (on the 1st Saturday & Sunday of September).
  • Officially, the population of Moscow is 10.5 million people, but there is a much greater number of people there. It is predicted that population will grow to 16 million by 2020.
  • There is a big myth about Moscow’s brutally cold weather. On the contrary, the climate is temperate with snow only in February and March.
  • At least 80 billionaires live in Moscow, and this number beats New York City’s statistics.

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