When your sensitive data is at threat a warrant canary will be there for you

Technology has changed the way we live, rest, work and interact with one another. We use technology to learn, to inform, to create and to connect. Our connected world offers great opportunities, but it also presents challenges.
Today, one of the most topical issues is how to protect your sensitive information from being snooped. As an option to solve this issue, we advise you to follow closely transparency reports on websites of the servicies you use.

What is a transparency report?

1b3410b005046eb5e26f84f9b4d0877fA transparency report, or a warrant canary, is a method by which a company informs its users that it has not received secret requests for user data by government or law enforcement officers.

It is named after canaries because these birds belong to the sentinel species who are used to detect risks to humans by providing advance warning of a danger. Canaries were used to be taken down mineshafts to alert workers to toxic gases.

Similarly, the existence of a warrant canary on a website indicates that it’s all clear. When the bird disappears, or as they say is killed, this is the way the company informs its users that they have received classified requests for data.

Why is it needed?

Demands known as national security letters are designed to allow law enforcement agencies to conduct an investigation without alerting the target. That is why companies who take users privacy and their role in promoting freedom of expression seriously need to have a reliable and legal method of informing. This’s just what a warrant canary does.

This concept gained popularity after the extent of US government surveillance was revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden. From then on, many websites started to publish a warrant canary in an effort to be transparent with users.

VPN Unlimited cares for your privacy

We at KeepSolid strive to become the absolutely entrusted service for our customers. Our commitment to and concern for your privacy, security, and freedom of expression are demonstrated in our users first approach to government activities.
We are transparent about the received secret requests regarding our VPN Unlimited service, and publishing our quarterly Transparency Report on the governmental requests to disclose information about our customers. Any personal information you provide to us remains private. We do not sell or give away any of your personal information without your preliminary consent.

As of Mar 1, 2016, no warrants have been served to KeepSolid Inc. or KeepSolid Inc.’s employees for the last quarter. No searches or seizures of any kind have been performed on KeepSolid Inc. and/or VPN Unlimited assets for the last quarter.


  1. The warrant canary has not been updated recently (March 1 – Aug 28, 2016). Would also be useful to specify the quarters being referenced. Is March 1st notice for Oct-Dec? Jan-Feb since a new feature?

  2. Ok so I clicked on the link aND it says as of July 1st yet you’re saying as if September 1.. so which is it and when is the next actual date for the update ?

    • Dear Mkell,
      For the time being, we are updating the report every 3 months. The current information is valid as of September 1st. The next update will be available on December 1st. Thank you.

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