VPN solution for Business

Meet our newest product for corporate security, privacy, and unrestricted accessibility - Business VPN by KeepSolid. Don’t let any borders hinder your success or cyber criminals threaten the fruits of your hard work!


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High-end corporate data protection

Our VPN utilizes military-grade AES-128 and AES-256 encryption protocols. With them, all of your company’s online traffic is securely enciphered. No one will be able to read it or extract any valuable business information.

Free access to important resources

No physical or digital borders will be able to stop you now! With our app, you can easily access necessary foreign or geo-restricted resources, such as banking, billing, legal systems, or government websites.

Valuable support for marketing

Being able to view websites from a viewpoint of local residents can be crucial for establishing successful advertising. So choose a foreign server and freely check your ad campaigns and the efficiency of marketing tools.

Enhanced remote collaboration

In addition to security and accessibility, having remote workers operate under the single VPN Private Server and location is good for improving your business image, reputation, and goodwill.

Handy admin panel

Control all VPN-related aspects, such as teams, users, new and existing servers, subscriptions, team communication, and much more right from our clear and simple management portal.

Intuitive interface

Our user-friendly app was designed to combine power with convenience. That’s why all of its ultimate benefits are available to users in a single click of the Connect button. Easier than ever!

What is the difference

VPN for Business Personal VPN
Pay once and protect the whole team, starting from 10 users (50 devices) Subscription is available only to you, no one else can use it
Easy management of all user accounts and subscriptions No possibility to manage other subscriptions
An administrator can delete any and all devices at will A user can only delete one device per week for free, or more for additional cost
Personal Servers and IPs can be freely shared within your teams Personal Servers and IPs cannot be shared with anyone
Team members can always choose to connect via either public or private VPN servers A user can only connect via public VPN servers. Private servers must be purchased additionally

Avoid online corporate risks and get one step ahead of the
competition with our VPN solution for Business!