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DD-WRT PPTP configuration guide for VPN Unlimited users

This guide covers PPTP configuration on DD-WRT-flashed routers

If your router is not flashed with DD-WRT test and you’d like to do so, please visit for that. Here, you can find all the necessary instructions on how to flash, which routers are supported and other information.

1. The very first step to take in configuring your DD-WRT router to work with our service is receiving the manual configuration set. In this regard, please contact our support team at .

It is suggested to use the very same email address as the one you use for signing up at our website. If it is not convenient for you, no problem. But please, let our support personnel know your account-associated email, otherwise it will be difficult for them to help you.

While you absolutely can contact them via Facebook or even Twitter, we strictly do NOT suggest it for configuration requests. They will need exactly to mail files to you.

Please note: At the moment, you need to have at least a year of our VPN service ever purchased on your account. It can be a sum of shorter subscriptions.

The configuration set that you will receive from our support personal includes the following:

  • Login and password for PPTP/L2TP connection. The login has a form of KS1-97d54a0001ea1a00001ee1a0ee2ef45:[your email]@[mail site].com. Yes, that entire string is the login.
  • List of server DNS names of all currently available server regions.
  • Optional L2TP IPSec shared key can be received as well, in case you want to use IPSec. It is not in the configuration set by default, so please inform the support personnel you need one.
  • Archive of OpenVPN *.ovpn files for all server regions for OpenVPN-type connection(go here to learn more)

2. Once your router is configured for your ISP, and everything else is just how you like it, you can continue to configure the VPN connection. Please go to Services > VPN as shown below:

3. Here you are required to enable the PPTP Client option, and fill the lines with the following info:

  • Server IP or DNS Name - input one of the servers from the provided list
  • Remote Subnet and Remote Subnet Mask should NOT be touched, our Network handles that configuration, leave them zeroed.
  • MPPE Encryption: mppe required,no40,no56,stateless. This is a critical step.
  • NAT has to be enabled.
  • User Name must contain your login string; just paste it there, no need to worry about its length.
  • Password is filled by the provided password

4. After that, please choose the Apply Settings button at the bottom. This will get you online via VPN. For DNS issues, please go to Setup > Basic Setup > Network Setup > Static DNS1 and 2, and set those to and accordingly.

Normally, nothing else is needed.


  • The first thing to do if your connection keeps failing is to ensure that you pasted the login correctly. Also, you can try to input an email only in the PPTP login field.
  • If your ISP connection is PPTP as well, this might cause issues. In this case, refer to the other connection way (OpenVPN) if this one fails.