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How to use KeepSolid VPN Unlimited on your WD TV streaming media device

WD TV devices are mostly used to watch online HD content. However, due to geo-restrictions, you can face an issue when accessing your favorite content on some popular media portals. A VPN service is just what you need here.

WD TV devices do not have built-in VPN clients. Thus, to enjoy all the advantages of the VPN service, you need to connect your WD TV streaming device to a VPN-enabled router.

Here is a WD TV Live VPN installation manual on how to get secure WD streaming in any country you want:


Step #1. How to setup WD TV VPN connection on your router


Set up a VPN connection on your router. If you need help, please use these detailed tutorials:


Step #2. How to connect your WD TV streaming box to our VPN client


Now, you can proceed with connecting your WD TV device to your router.

Power up your WD TV streaming device. On the main screen, go to Settings Menu > Setup.

Navigate to the Network Settings menu, and choose the Network Setup option.

In the Network Setup menu, click the Wireless button and choose Auto Search.

In the list of available networks, select your VPN-enabled router.

Then, enter the password for your router and hit Submit.

Click OK on the Completed screen to finish.


Bottom line on setting up our WD TV VPN on your streaming device


Great! Now, your WD TV streaming device is connected to our VPN service and you know how to install our VPN for your WD TV Live on your own. Give it a try right away!