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PPTP configuration

for ASUS router connected to LAN

This guide will show you how to configure a VPN connection for routers with firmwares that do not have a built-in support for VPN connections.

The very first step to take in configuring your router to work with our service is creating manual configuration files. In this regard, please follow a few simple steps described in our tutorial. When the configuration set is generated, open the web interface of your router in a browser. Input your login and password when required.

Select the WAN – Internet Connection tab.

Please consider the following network as an example:

Consider the following network as an example configuration PPTP connect for ASUS router

Set the network parameters as follows:

Basic Config
WAN Connection TypePPTP
Enable WANYes
Enable NATYes
WAN IP Setting
Get the WAN IP automaticallyNo
IP AddressSpecify any LAN address beyond the range of the DHCP server
Subnet MaskSubnet mask (common for LAN –
Default GatewayIP address of the previous router in the LAN
WAN DNS Setting
Connect to DNS Server automaticallyNo
DNS Server18.8.8.8
DNS Server28.8.4.4
Account Settings
PPP Usernameenter a login from the configuration set
Passwordenter a password from the configuration set
Disconnect after time of inactivity (in seconds)0
PPTP OptionsMPPE 128
Internet DetectionPPP Echo
PPP Echo Interval6
PPP Echo Max Failures30
Special Requirement from ISP
VPN Serverenter a server name from the configuration set

Click Apply.

PPTP configuration for ASUS router connected to LAN - VPN Unlimited

For checking purposes, please go to the Network Map tab.

If the previous step is done correctly, you will see the following:

Internet status: Connected

WAN IP: A new IP address different than the LAN address

How to configure a VPN for routers with firmwares that do not have a built-in support for VPN connections

That’s it! Now you have a running VPN connection via PPTP protocol on your router.