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Access Your Mailbox Securely Worldwide

Our personal email stores very important private data, isn’t it? Business data such as contracts and agreements, valuable attachments, documents and photos, as well as personal conversations are all examples that are saved in our personal email. Therefore, it is imperative to secure the access to this storage. A notable security solution is to restrict the email access to a chosen dedicated IP address. Most of the email services like Gmail adopt this approach.

Gmail approach without a dedicated IP

To ensure further security, Gmail tracks automatically all IP addresses that access our email account. This is done by a special tool, Gmail IP Address Tracker. It sends you a special alert when a previously unknown or reported suspicious IP access is detected. However, this security measure has an inconvenience. If you travel a lot, you will have to access your email from different IP addresses and will receive these warnings constantly. Consequently, you may have your email account temporarily blocked. As a result, you risk losing the access to your valuable data or will not be able to continue important conversations during the temporary account suspension.

Get a VPN protection

How do you get a personal dedicated IP? It can be done easily and quickly by using the VPN Unlimited service. Subscribe to a Personal VPN Server so as to have your personal IP address. Always use it to access your email account. There is no additional complicated configuration to do that. You just need to turn on the VPN connection via your personal VPN server or IP address. Then, you can rest assured that your email access is secured once this is done.