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Clear IP that didn’t get into a spam list

The internet is one weird virtual land that can get your IP address banned for any unexpected reason that you have no control over. One day, you can be watching YouTube and saying ‘Hi’ to your +1000 followers on a popular online forum. Then the next day you’re frustrated because your user password keeps getting rejected on the very same forum you were just chatting on yesterday! It might be that your IP address has been blocked from the forum server because of using black-listed IPs from already known common servers.

Tired of such state of things? Get a unique and clear personal IP address in the selected country that will be used only by you. This means that the browsing history and online reputation of the IP address is purely under your control. With the dedicated IP, you will prevent getting banned and avoid the frustration.

Shared IP vs Dedicated IP

A dedicated static IP address acts like your own personal online address, it’s secure, and you own the exclusive rights to it. On the other hand, a shared IP is a public virtual space. In case of shared IP, there are often thousands of different users that all reside on the same server and have the same IP. If one of them causes issues, your domain name can be impacted and you don’t want that.

There are some situations when some user sharing the same IP address with you is banned or blacklisted for spamming. This may cause your online experience to get worse. Using the dedicated IP address isolates you from being affected by consequences of abuses made by others.

Keep your online reputation in check

With a clear static IP address, you will be automatically secured from any negative history of the spammers. This is a key point to avoid the disadvantages that come with sharing your IP with other users, including the risks of a bad rap on your IP address reliability and rating. If you want to manage your own online reputation, a dedicated IP address is just for you.

The dedicated IP address is a good investment, especially, if you’re online every day. It will ensure additional protection for your sensitive information and prevent getting blocked on the internet.

How do you get a Personal IP address?

It is very easy to set up a static IP. Just purchase a unique virtual dedicated address for your own personal use, and use it when you surf the web or post your status updates on social media. The Personal IP is ready to use from any VPN Unlimited client app in one tap.

To make sure that you’ll never get blocked again, enable your VPN connection via your personal VPN IP address and rest assured you will always comply with the law.

So, what are you waiting for? Get online protection now, by signing up for a Personal IP address.