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Customize your search results with Personal IP

A majority of websites and online services geolocate an IP address and change the language of your settings and search results based on the location, assuming that they are connecting you with the most relevant information. But, how providing people with the information in a language they don’t understand can go together with the statement “connecting with the most relevant information?”

To say the least, the accuracy of this feature is not perfect. In many cases, it looks like browsers act as if they have a mind of their own when it comes to location related features.

Seems to be over the top

Here is a case where the geolocation can fail miserably. Imagine you are travelling in the United Arab Emirates. As a person who keeps up with the times, most likely you will share photos and news with your closest at the very moment you discover it. Or you will continue your business negotiations, as you don’t want to miss a good deal. This means, you will log into your accounts from the country you are in. Seems like everything is logic, and there is nothing irregular.

However, when you come back home, let’s say to the USA, irregularities may start to appear. Sometimes search results and account settings show up in the Arabic alphabet. This makes it quite difficult to navigate your online activities, unless you have at least an intermediate level of this language.

In case you don’t, you may start to walk through all kinds of troubleshooting. You can clear your cache and cookies, check if your location set to your home country and you don’t have any other language pack installed or even reinstall your browser. Still, all these actions may not work out, and when you perform the next search, results will insistently appear in the language you don’t know. That’s extremely frustrating, isn’t it?

The true solution of a genius

VPN Unlimited has a solution for you, a personal IP address. This is your virtual dedicated name that will be the very same to the entire cyberspace, whether you are travelling, connecting from a public WiFi hotspot or staying at home.

Personal IP helps you make a browser your own. This cool customization gives you a possibility to get the answer you are looking for no matter where you find yourself. Choose a country you want to be associated with and you won't encounter search results in a different language any more.

Get our smart and secure VPN solution right away, and never lose your temper because of this absurd issue again.