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Get plain answers without a Google CAPTCHA routine

If you are one out of hundreds or even thousands of users with the same IP address, as you can be at your office network, it is very likely that you face a current wide-spread issue while using a Google search engine. When a great part of your colleagues simultaneously use the service, Google may think you are a bot that is sending automated traffic to the service. Thus, your further work can be stopped by Google’s CAPTCHA, a method that was designed to tell computers and humans apart.

To continue using Google and finally get your search results, you need to spend some time to prove you are not a bot first. The process includes your understanding what a blurry CAPTCHA text box says, and typing the squiggly word or digits into the box in a correct way.

However, CAPTCHA boxes are sometimes difficult to read even for humans. You can type in what you believe you see on the screen. But it turns out that you are wrong. You take another try. Oops! Again, failure. That’s a mercy if you manage it after a couple of attempts. Frustrating, isn’t it? Especially if you are working in a high-tempo, when every second counts. Having a personal IP address will solve this issue.

The other side of CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA is a type of challenge-response test used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human. It seems to be a helpful tool when you want to protect your website from abuse and other undesirable comments on your blog that are usually generated by automated bots. CAPTCHA prevents them from signing up for online services, as bots are not able to read deformed symbols so far. It is a sort of necessary measure to prevent SPAM. But, if you just want to get an answer to your questions?

A smart solution from VPN Unlimited

To escape these annoying search result interruptions, you may try to clean your browser’s cookies once in a while. But this won’t solve the issue once and for all, as you can’t force other users on your IP network to perform the same actions.

The only well-trusted solution to get in a smooth online experience without any CAPTCHA stops is to have a personal IP address. You won’t share your dedicated IP with other users any more. Now, you are the only one who controls your online history and reputation.

Moreover, using a personal VPN IP, your personal data and online privacy will be securely protected. You will be able to hide your browsing activity from your ISP, bypass internet censorship, and prevent cyber criminals from spying on you.

Don’t let your online experience be a pain! Get a unique virtual dedicated address from VPN Unlimited for your use only, and always receive your search results without any unexpected barriers.