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Improved access to web resources blocked in regions with internet censorship

Accessing your desired websites and express your opinion freely on the internet can be problematic when you live or travel in countries with a strict internet censorship, like China and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). These countries impose their digital sovereignty over the internet. Many popular foreign websites are blocked. For example, the UAE Internet censorship aims to block content that is involved with criticism against government and violence. The authorities also pay a great deal of attention to the sensitive religion content. Thus, the restrictions affect social networks (Facebook, Twitter), media (The New York Times, YouTube), search engines (Google), and many other services that are of great demand for the netizens of the UAE.

A reasonable question “How to make my money safe and access my account securely?” arises. VPN Unlimited has the answer – get a Personal Static IP, and use it when you are doing online banking.

“Access Denied” is not a sentence

The same situation applies to China. The renowned Great Firewall blocks foreign websites primarily for the sake of political stability. There are many foreign residents in China and the UAE that need to access blocked websites for professional purposes. Therefore, how to access blocked websites in the UAE and China is a highly popular key term on search engines. Moreover, in China, many Chinese websites are accessible only within China. Accessing these Chinese websites outside China is not feasible.

These all mean that if you travel or work there often, you will be experiencing a lot of inconvenience when it comes to accessing blocked foreign websites. Nonetheless, it does not mean that you will be doomed to total failure if you want to visit these foreign websites.

Breaking the deadlock

VPN Unlimited has a solution for you - a Personal Static IP address. This is our new option that helps you to improve your experience of reaching the censored web content. Having a VPN with good reputation facilitates your attempts to bypass national censorship. It will be easier for you to access to various personal accounts such as email, social media and cloud, securely with a clean dedicated IP address.

The configuration is not at all sophisticated. You do not need a computer scientist to realize this goal. It requires only few steps to get the personal IP and you will enjoy the smoothest online experience, avoiding web restrictions, blockings and censorship. Any online content will be available for you.

Enhance your access to worldwide websites and express your opinions freely.