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Deceptive Ad Targeting

Websites and services often track and store data related to your activities and location. They claim that this is merely because they want to be more useful for the user but they also make money off of you by showing you targeted ads.

Search engines and social networks make money per click, so they’ll go out of their way to learn your location, habits and tastes in order to show you ads they think you might click on. This process is known as geo targeting.

How it works

Advertising providers specify what kind of demographic they want to reach. Then, campaign managers use the data supplied by search engines, social networks, and other web services to target the ads to specific people, who are more likely to respond to them. The data these companies collect from you is a way of researching the type of “bait” they think you’ll bite onto, and then lure you in with ads they have targeted to your demographic.

Your privacy is being invaded, and not for any good reason. This imperfect system tends to constantly overreact, showing you an ad selection, based on some outdated search query you made weeks or even months ago. Plus, some people just don’t want to see targeted ads. For example, when you are using someone else’s device, the targeting data they have on you is all wrong anyway. It was tailored to be appealing to someone else. It is like using salmon bait to catch bass.

Avoid annoying ads

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