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Freedom From IP Tracking

Every device on the internet has an IP address. It’s like a license plate on a car. Just as a license plate can tell an investigator all about the owner of the car it is attached to, an IP address can be used to discover the location of the device, as well as to track and trace web activities of the device owner.

What is IP address?

IP address or internet Protocol address is a unique number given to a device, like computer, laptop, and smartphone. It works similar to a mailing address, and is used to identify a device in any network. Therefore, to get today’s weather or check the latest news, IP address is needed. Without it, websites and services wouldn’t know where to send the requested information. It also makes location-based services work better, which is convenient if you’re looking for a nice restaurant or a carwash nearby.

However, there are a lot of privacy and anonymity concerns raised by users and security analysts. Corporations, governments and hackers use your real IP address to monitor and contol your online activities, habits and tastes, and then later use this information to their advantage, and your detriment.

A strong tool to hide your real IP address

The best solution for this isue is to take control of your own privacy and anonymity by using the VPN Unlimited app. VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network; this technology makes IP tracking impossible.

VPN Unlimited creates a secure encrypted connection between your device and one of its secure servers with the click of a button. The server becomes your entry point to the cyberspace.

The VPN Unlimited app is completely transparent and easy to use for customers. Our service supports any platform, like macOS, iOS, Windows, Linux, Android, Windows Phone. Therefore, no matter what device’s security you want to shore up, our app will easily cope with it.

Get a taste of freedom from the IP tracking! Try one of the best VPN solutions on the market right away.