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Lifehacks & Savings

Did you know that some companies offer different prices for their services and merchandise in different countries? This is a result of exchange rates for local currencies and regional pricing models, which basically determine where people can afford to spend more and, therefore, provide companies with bigger profits.

These practices seem unfair and outdated in the modern global world, but they still exist because most people know little about them and are willing to pay what they’re asked. In essence, companies who use this practice are preying on the naivete of their customers in “richer” countries.

Lifehacks to bypass the unfair pricing policy

One of the most common examples of a different prices offer are airline tickets. For some reason, a ticket’s point of sale can drastically affect the price. The same is true for everyday online shopping, too. Does that seem fair?

The good news is, while unfair and questionable, regional pricing does allow for several neat airline ticket lifehacks and online shopping lifehacks that can save you a lot of money. Instead of being bound to empty out your wallet because of where you live or work due to these regional pricing schemes, you can make them work in your favor (for once)!

First of all, delete your cookies and log out of all your email and social media accounts. Use the regional sites of less developed countries when shopping for airline tickets. Instant savings with just a few clicks.

Change your location and shop cheaper

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As a result, you will get a virtual IP address. Now, all your communication appears to be conducted from that location. Everything you need is just to choose one of our worldwide spread servers that will provide the best pricing for the goods or services you want.

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