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The Great Firewall

Different countries perceive and handle the internet differently. While it remains an indivisible worldwide network as a whole, a growing number of governments choose to regulate it. Sometimes, these regulations can be incredibly strict. They impose internet restrictions on local providers to prevent citizens from publishing and accessing content on specific services and sometimes even ban whole companies from working within their territories.

21st century - days of advance or restrictions?

As more people begin using the internet for important activities, there is an increase in online censorship. The motives, scope, and effectiveness of internet censorship vary widely from country to country. Although, the usual targets for internet censorship are, of course, social networks and self-publishing services which allow for easy communication and information distribution, both of which are viewed as troublesome and dangerous for the world’s most strict political regimes. In such places, there is an enormous, invisible steel wall between internet users and the content and services that the rest of the world takes for granted.

Worse still, some countries’ restrictions make it impossible for you to perform any of your usual internet activities. For example China’s restrictions do not allow access to any of Google’s services, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook. Even Wikipedia was banned in China at some point. The restrictions in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates may be a little less severe, but they can still quite easily prevent you from keeping in touch with the rest of the world. In the modern day, global communication is crucial for many businesses, so these restrictions can be more than a simple inconvenience - they can bring businesses to a grinding halt and cause the bottom line to take a nose dive.

Breaking the cyber-wall

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