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VPN Unlimited Router Solution

Protect your entry point to the internet
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VPN Unlimited Router Solution

What is a VPN Router?

What is a VPN Router?

You may use your VPN Unlimited account on 5 devices simultaneously. However, you can set our VPN service on your router device and get one of the best solutions for online protection for all devices connected to this router. This is a great deal for an office or home. It allows you to protect the data and unblock access to local web resources for all devices in your network without setting up a dedicated client app on each device. Even if you have a rare device which is not supported by our VPN service (like Roku, PS4 or Xbox), it will be protected because it will use the protected VPN router for connection!

Note that the router solution is available for the users with active paid subscription for VPN Unlimited service starting from Professional (1-year) and bigger.

VPN Router Features

What is a VPN Router?
  • Complete automatic protection without reminders. With VPN router you don’t need to turn the VPN on your device to protect its data.
  • Effective VPN Solution for Teams and Startups – use protected connection for collaboration!
  • Great deal for a small business – show your care to your customers and protect their data!
  • Easy to set up and use – setup our VPN service on your router once and get the protection for all connected devices!
  • Get the extended access to otherwise blocked web resources, such as social media and video streaming services.
  • Save on your VPN payments! Use 1 slot for a router and protect all connected devices without spending slots for them! Expand the list of protected devices.

VPN Routers

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