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KeepSolid VPN Unlimited®

Whether you want to anonymize your online activities, protect your data, access geo-blocked content, watch American Netflix or other streaming services, we have the solution just for you – KeepSolid VPN Unlimited®! With it, you’ll enjoy all benefits of the best VPN for Hong Kong. Follow our guide and explore how to: 

  • Surf the web securely 
  • Get HK IP address  
  • Watch TVB from anywhere 
  • Protect your data while traveling from/to Hong Kong 

Why use VPN in Hong Kong

Hong Kong netizens generally enjoy free and uncensored internet access, with freedom of expression protected by Hong Kong Bill of Rights. The little internet censorship that exists is primarily aimed at prohibiting distribution of copyrighted or obscene materials.   

Though the Hong Kong government doesn’t block websites, ISPs are allowed to keep logs of internet users’ browsing history, which is literally invasion of online privacy. This is where VPN comes in. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited® encrypts your data and anonymizes online activities

Other reasons to use KeepSolid VPN Unlimited® in Hong Kong are: to surf the web securely on public WiFi, to bypass geo-restrictions, access TVB from abroad, and more. Explore them all in this guide to the best VPN for Hong Kong!

Protect your privacy with the best Hong Kong VPN

  • Secure your personal data with military-grade AES-256 encryption
  • Access streaming services, social media, and geo-restricted sites
  • Get protected on unsecured WiFi networks and public hotspots
  • Choose from 500+ VPN servers in over 80 locations globally
  • Make use of additional features, e.g. Static IP or Personal VPN server

How our Hong Kong VPN service works

VPN, or a Virtual Private Network, is sophisticated technology that creates a secure tunnel between your device and any website and web service you work with. All data you transfer online is reliably protected with strong AES-256 encryption algorithm. 

Result? Absolute privacy and safe, worry-free web surfing on any network, including highly insecure public WiFi. 

Besides, your real IP address is masked with a virtual one of the selected VPN server. If, say, you want to make it seem you’re in Hong Kong, just enable KeepSolid VPN Unlimited® and get HK IP address in just a matter of seconds. Hide your actual IP and access geo-blocked content regardless of your real location!

VPN Unlimited® – Hong Kong proxy to watch TVB

Whether you’re a traveller, a Hong Kong expat, or just a TVB (Television Broadcasts Limited) fan, you may find your favorite TVB content blocked from abroad. But no worries! With KeepSolid VPN Unlimited®, you’ll never lose access to the desired TVB movies or shows. It helps you easily you get around TVB’s roadblocks, that prevent viewers from outside Hong Kong access its media content. Wherever in the world you happen to be, Hong Kong VPN IP address makes it seem like you’re actually in Hong Kong.

3 steps to get Hong Kong IP address


Step 2

Find Hong Kong VPN server


Step 3

Browse with HK IP address

What makes KeepSolid VPN Unlimited® the best VPN for Hong Kong

Total security

With VPN Unlimited®, you can freely send any kind of data over the internet within, from, or to Hong Kong. Our anonymous VPN will negate any chance of unauthorized parties reading your info, including private information and sensitive data.

1 account = 5/10 devices

With a single subscription, you can protect up to 10 different devices, including Mac, iPhone, Android, Windows, browser, and many other platforms. Additionally, this amount can be further increased.

Access to global streaming services

With our VPN, any Hong Kong citizen can access Sony Crackle, Hotstar, BBC iPlayer,, and other streaming sites. That’s not to mention viewing other blocked sites in Hong Kong.

500+ VPN servers in 80+ locations

With KeepSolid VPN Unlimited®, you can virtually travel to and from Hong Kong in a matter of seconds (IP address-wise, at least). Thus, you are free to bypass any restrictions enforced in the US or any other state.

Watch US Netflix in Hong Kong

Netflix’s global coverage includes Hong Kong, so citizens of the Special Administrative Region can also enjoy media content of this streaming giant. However, there currently aren’t so many movies and TV shows to stream in Hong Kong compared to other regions as USA. 

US Netflix library is considered to be one of the richest ones, but access to its movie catalog is restricted uniquely to American citizens. Fortunately, with the use of KeepSolid VPN Unlimited®, you can access it, too! 

Our Hong Kong VPN proxy has a VPN server specially designed to unblock US Netflix from any spot in the world. Moreover, VPN Unlimited® also provides access to Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO Now, Hotstar,, and other services, you’ll definitely have what to choose from! 

VPN Unlimited® – HK VPN app for all your devices

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited® supports the following devices:

Try Hong Kong VPN by KeepSolid risk-free

Become private, secure, and unrestricted online with KeepSolid VPN Unlimited®! Try it without any risk, as you’re covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee. What’s more, you can enjoy the whopping 7-day free trial, no credit card required. Activate it now!