How to Configure L2TP Protocol on DD-WRT Router

for KeepSolid VPN Unlimited® users

This guide provides a detailed walkthrough on how to configure L2TP VPN client on your DD-WRT router.

Important! Please note that you will need to configure your device using the generated settings by yourself at your own risk.

I. Get KeepSolid VPN Unlimited® manual configurations


First, you need to generate manual configuration settings in your KeepSolid User Office. There you will get a VPN server domain name, login, and password for your L2TP VPN connection. 

To get manual configuration settings, follow a few simple steps described in our tutorial How to manually create VPN configurations.

II. Configure L2TP VPN client on your DD-WRT router


Once you’ve generated the necessary L2TP settings, open your DD-WRT router interface.

Navigate to Setup > Basic Setup > WAN Setup.

Select L2TP protocol for Connection Type field and paste the details of the manual configuration settings you’ve generated before as follows:


Gateway (L2TP Server): paste Domain name from the User Office

Username: paste Login from the User Office

Password: paste Password from the User Office


Connection Strategy: select Keep Alive: Radial Period 30 seconds

STP: select Disable

MTU: change to Manual and set value 1460

Local IP Address: by default

Subnet Mask:

Note:  If you don’t know your router Local IP Address, check out our instruction on how to find your router IP.

DHCP Type: select DHCP Server from the dropdown menu

DHCP Server: choose Enable


Uncheck the following parameters:

Use DNSMasq for DHCP

Use DNSMasq for DNS



Click Apply Settings.

Go to the Security tab > VPN Passthrough and make sure that your L2TP connection is enabled. Click Apply Settings.

Go to the Administration tab. Scroll down and click Reboot Router.

That’s it! You've successfully configured L2TP protocol on your DD-WRT router. If you need to set up VPN on other devices, check out our manuals section for the relevant guides. 

In case you have any questions or comments related to our security solution, feel free to contact our customer support via [email protected].