All About VPN Technology, VPN Servers, How They Work, and Other Information

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What is a VPN and How a VPN Service Works

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What is a VPN Protocol and How They Help Establish Secure VPN Connection

Everything you need to know about VPN connections and protocols. How VPN protocols work, which are available in VPN Unlimited®, and what encryption protocols have to do with it.

Frequently Asked Questions About VPNs

What does VPN mean?

This acronym stands for Virtual Private Network. It’s a technology designed to make internet browsing more private, secure, and unrestricted. With a VPN, you can visit any sites and services (even if they’re normally restricted in your area or network); your online activities become anonymous, your identity - untraceable, and your data and sensitive information - uncrackable.

What about VPN servers?

The tunnel we’ve mentioned earlier (and all the user data) goes through a special VPN server of the user’s choice. In the process, the user’s real IP address is substituted with that of the server. Thus, to any third-party observer, it looks like the traffic is originating from the VPN server’s location, instead of its actual place of origin.


How does a VPN service work?

Two components are essential for any virtual private network service: VPN protocol and encryption protocol. The former creates a tunnel between a user’s device and the destination site. All traffic goes through this tunnel, making it untraceable. The latter encrypts the data transferred, rendering it unreadable to unauthorized parties.

What should you know about VPN network of servers?

Ensuring users’ online anonymity is a vital purpose of VPN servers, but not the only one. Another useful application is getting access to previously blocked content. A certain video or streaming channel like HBO Now is unavailable in your country? Torrenting is disabled in your school network? Just connect to a respective VPN server and enjoy your online freedom!

What is VPN Encryption and How Do Encryption Protocols Work

Learn how Virtual Private Networks protect user data and what encryption protocols are best for this. Also explained is the exact authentication process and how secure VPN Unlimited® is.

What is the Difference Between Proxy and VPN
Virtual Private Networks and proxy servers have certain similar features, which can confuse some users. Figure out the differences and see which works best in what situations.
How to Bypass Geo-restrictions and Censorship with VPN
Geo-restrictions and pervasive censorship are a bane of the modern-day internet. Learn why this happens and how best Virtual Private Networks, like VPN Unlimited®, can fix this problem.

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