Access Your Mailbox Securely Worldwide

Our email boxes are quite intimate, aren’t they? With all the personal letters, pictures, subscriptions, and business data, you don’t want them easily snooped in. Therefore, it is crucial to seal them tightly. A sound security solution is to restrict email access to a chosen dedicated IP address. Most email services, like Gmail, support this.

Protect Your Mailbox using VPN Unlimited app - How do I secure my mailbox?

Gmail security without a dedicated IP address

To ensure further security, Gmail automatically tracks all IP addresses that access your email account. Its special tool, Gmail IP Address Tracker, sends you an alert when an unknown or suspicious IP address is detected. However, this security measure has an potential inconvenience. If you travel a lot and access your email from different IP addresses, you will be receiving these warnings non-stop. Consequently, you may get your email account temporarily blocked. Thus, you risk losing access to your data and not being able to continue important conversations during the temporary account suspension.

Get VPN protection

How do you get a personal dedicated IP address? Easily, if you are using KeepSolid VPN Unlimited. Subscribe to a Personal VPN Server so as to have your personal IP address. Tie it to you email box in account settings. And from now on, you’ll only need to turn on the VPN connection via your personal VPN server or IP address. Then, you can rest assured that your email access is secured.

Securely access your mailbox from any spot on the Earth!

Make sure private mail stays that no matter what.