Clean IP address that didn’t get into a spam list

The internet is one weird virtual land where you can get your IP address banned for whatever reason, no explanations given. You might have a YouTube or Twitch account with hundreds of hard-earned subscribers, a schedule of videos you’re going to make, and things running smoothly. But next day — boom — you can’t log into it and you have no idea why. Well, it might be that you are using one of blacklisted IPs, those previously used by someone who abused the service’s rules.

Sounds familiar? Get a unique and clean personal IP address that you won’t share with anybody. A dedicated IP address means that its online reputation is entirely in your hands, and no one’s misdeeds will get you banned anywhere.

Shared IP vs Dedicated IP

A dedicated static IP address means you are the sole owner and resident of it. On the other hand, a shared IP is a virtual public space. In case of shared IP, there can be thousands of users that all reside on the same server and have the same IP making the bad neighbor effect possible.

If one of them spams or otherwise violates the ToU of the service you use and gets your mutual IP address flagged or banned, you will respond in full. Using a dedicated IP address isolates you from actions of others and lets you control your online reputation.

With a clean static IP address, you will be secured from any negative history of its previous users

Keep your online reputation in check

With a clean static IP address, you will be secured from any negative history of its previous users. This is perhaps the key advantage of a dedicated IP address.

The dedicated IP address is a good investment, especially if you’re online every day. It will ensure additional protection for your sensitive information and prevent getting blocked on the internet.

How do you get a Personal IP address?

Setting up a static IP is easy. All you need to do is purchase a dedicated IP address on the site or inside the app. After that, you can use your unmarred personal IP address on any of your devices with installed KeepSolid VPN Unlimited app.

When connecting via your personal VPN IP address, always make sure to stay within the law and the ToS of the service you are using; this is the surest way of protecting yourself from getting banned there.

So what are you waiting for?

Purchase yourself a Personal IP address and never be affected by the wrongdoings of your neighbors.