Get plain answers without a Google reCAPTCHA routine

If you are one out of hundreds or even thousands of users with the same IP address, a common situation for big office networks, it is very likely that you face a widespread issue while using a Google search engine. When a great part of your colleagues simultaneously use the service, Google may think you are a bot that is sending automated traffic to the service. Thus, your further work can be stopped by Google’s reCAPTCHA, a method that was designed to tell computers and humans apart. Although Google has moved away from using traditional text CAPTCHAs, and the new “check-the-box” system is supposed to ease our lives, it’s not entirely easy.

First, it’s really annoying getting plain googling, which usually is a seamless experience, interrupted by anything, no matter how simple it is. But, second, new reCAPTCHA rarely stops at checking the box. When in doubt, Google prompts users to select out of 9 picture-tiles those with cars, signs, or whatever else. And you probably know it’s a task no easier than solving old-fashioned CAPTCHAs. It takes time, a lot of it if your job depends heavily on searching things.

How to avoid Google reCAPTCHA

The other side of CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA is a type of challenge-response test used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human. It seems to be a helpful tool when you want to protect your website from abuse and other undesirable comments on your blog that are usually generated by automated bots. CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA prevent them from signing up for online services, for bots are not able to read deformed symbols so far and can’t effectively mimic human’s behaviour in case of “check-the-box”. It is a necessary measure to prevent SPAM. But, if you just want to get an answer to your questions?

How to avoid CAPTCHA?

When you use a shared IP address, Google considers hundreds of search queries coming from it suspicious. And it is to prove there is no bot on that IP address that Google resorts to reCAPTCHAs. Thus, the only reliable solution to stop CAPTCHAs is to buy a dedicated IP address. A static IP address is personal, meaning no one else will be able to use it.

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