Personal IP address for internet communication (forums, communities)

We spend a goodly amount of time on the internet: social networks, streaming services, forums, image boards are well-integrated in modern life. Alas, our natural interaction with these services is sometimes interrupted. But why?

Most online forums resort to IP bans when dealing with malicious users and DDoS attacks. They are really effective but not without their shortcomings. A long-term IP ban may punish someone it wasn’t originally aimed at. It is often the case with shared VPN IP addresses, where hundreds or even thousands of people may be using one IP address. If any of those users violates the ToS of the service you use and gets your mutual IP banned, you’ll be affected directly.

Personal IP address for internet communication - KeepSolid VPN Unlimited application

How to prevent undeserved bans

One way to prevent being unfairly banned is to get a personal IP address that you can use on your favorite forums or online communities. A personal IP address means you are only responsible for your actions, since you are a sole owner and user of the IP address. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited offers such an option: you can purchase a personal IP address and never worry about getting blacklisted for something others did.

In addition to that, a dedicated IP address can add to your account security. Some sites allow users to set a range of trusted IPs that can access their account.

With a personal server, key benefits of our VPN service, including protection of your personal data, bypassing any internet restrictions and providing fast connection speeds, are further enhanced.

Ever got unjustly banned?

Get a Personal IP from KeepSolid VPN Unlimited now and never be responsible for someone else’s wrongs!