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What is VPN

Prevent interceptions of the data sent over Internet

Select the server in the country you want

Secure WiFi connection in hotels and cafes

How does VPN Unlimited work?

1. Download

2. Sign in

3. Choose a VPN Server

4. Get Unlimited Access

Servers Locations

Choose a preferred location to get an optimal performance and an access to geo-restricted content.


  • "Benny B"

    A great app for protecting youerself online while using public networks. Works fast and helps keep you safe from attacks if you travel a lot and use many different public networks. Perfct for that student on the go

  • Alison ortega

    This is great no more pesky blockers on my school wifi. I plan on getting a year membership very cheap and affordable and a nice free trial. cheers!

  • Slimmer36

    Great Product. I am in the tryout phase and have installed it on my iMac and iPad - iPhone today. Fast, seamless operation and a simple install. I will continue using it.

  • markmcc_

    works great for snapchat and stuff on school network. very few issues and great connection speed for streaming and downloading. would recommend :)

  • syddhaleyy

    my school blocked everything on the wifi and this is the only one that tuns smoothly and lets me listen to spotify :))) thank you!!

  • ابي

    This is the second VPN that I have used. The first one disconnected quite often. This one stays connected and I like that I can use it on 5 devices at one time. They also offer promotions once in a while to get 10 extra days of service. Great service.

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