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What is VPN

Prevent interceptions of the data sent over Internet

Select the server in the country you want

Secure WiFi connection in hotels and cafes

How does VPN Unlimited work?

1. Download

2. Sign in

3. Choose a VPN Server

4. Get Unlimited Access

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Choose a preferred location to get an optimal performance and an access to geo-restricted content.



    Totally guarantees your security online as it hides your real IP and encrypts all the data. Awesome solution for a reasonable price. I've even bought an Infinity subscription.

  • Connor McCarl

    I have checked out a couple of competitors, and this app has the cleanest, easy-to-use interface packed full of features. I have and will continue to recommended it to my friends and business associates.

  • Feihong2463

    This is a perfect app for using in US or Other country. It worked well in different plateform: Mac iPad iphone and Windows. It worked perfect in US, but it is not stable inChina. It is not uncommon to get connection failure.

  • Libertad57

    Very handy when traveling to countries that treat their own citizens like children and block Internet content. Using VPN unlimited is like giving the authorities a "cyber-middle finger" (metaphorically speaking of course)

  • Tom_Klinger

    Professional VPN service for a reasonable money. Easy to install and set up even for a non-techie person. Using it for more than a year now, and it still works like a swiss watch.

  • aG.$wagger

    It a good application, it helps me alot, i wish it were free forver but, nothing is free in life, if you need any kind of protection, use this app

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