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VPN Unlimited knowledge base

General questions

What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. The main purpose of our VPN service is to ensure your security and privacy. To do this, VPN Unlimited encrypts the traffic you transmit over the network.

How does VPN work?

VPN Unlimited adds a new network interface which functions exactly as if you are working with a direct Internet connection. However, your IP address is now different, and all your traffic is encrypted. VPN enables a host computer to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if they are an integral part of a private network, with all the functionality, security and management policies that private networks provide.

Is BitTorrent and other file-sharing traffic allowed on all servers? If not, why?

The primary goal of VPN Unlimited is not to download torrents, but to offer online security. There are limited cases when our technical team had to decrease the connection speed because of torrenting. We allow legal usage of P2P file sharing on US-California 1, Romania, Luxembourg, France, Canada-East servers.

Can I use your VPN instead of my current ISP connection?

No. An Internet connection and a VPN service are two different things. You need an existing/working (Cable, DSL, 3G, Satellite, etc) Internet connection to be able to use VPN Unlimited.

What is the difference between a Proxy and a VPN service?

VPN connections are much more stable and secure than proxies. Not all applications are compatible with a proxy and most require a special configuration to work with a proxy. You don't need any special configuration for applications to work under a VPN connection.

Will VPN Unlimited slow down my system or Internet connection?

We do NOT decrease the connection speed for any of our users. No matter you are a trial user or have purchased a subscription - we will provide you the maximum possible connection speed for the current conditions. However, the conditions for your connection may vary because of the current workload on the selected VPN server and the distance from you to the selected VPN server.

Can I increase the speed of my connection when using a VPN service?

This is possible as VPN Unlimited bypasses some of the throttles placed by ISPs.

In what countries do you provide VPN servers?

We are constantly increasing the amount of locations of our VPN servers, so you can view the latest list from inside the VPN Unlimited client app.

Does your app work in China?

We are working hard to provide you with the best service in any country, however, there are some technical limitations set by Chinese government. We provide 3 VPN regions for our users in China - US, UK and Asia. Also for our Android users, for stable VPN connection we recommend using of a special Stealth mode. This mode can be turned on in Options of VPN Unlimited.

Does VPN Unlimited protect other protocols like ICQ, Mail or FTP?

Once you are connected to our VPN server, all your programs use a virtual network interface which protects any app that access the Internet from your device.

I received Google's "Suspicious sign in prevented" email. Why?

When you have an active VPN it acts as a relay, which means you surf the Internet and use web services with the VPN server’s IP address instead of your own. Google permanently monitors your IP’s geographical location; if it changes dramatically, Google will send you a warning about suspicious activity. Read more here.

What is the Streaming region?

It is a set of servers, that optimized for watching video from such services as Netflix, Amazon Prime and so on.

Work with the application

How to set up a VPN connection?

Open VPN Unlimited on your device. Login to your account or create a new one and select required VPN server.

There are some profiles want to be installed on my device. Should I allow it?

Yes, you need to allow VPN Unlimited to install configuration profiles on your device in order to connect to our VPN servers. There are two different profiles - for automatical and for manual connection to our VPN servers. Install both to have a possibility toswitch between manual and automatic VPN connection later.

How to check that I already have active VPN connection?

If you have successfully completed installation of VPN Unlimited configuration files, then you will see a VPN icon in the status bar of your device next to the active Internet connection icon on iOS devices and in the upper right part of the status bar of your Mac.

I installed VPN Unlimited on my Mac, but can't find it now!

VPN Unlimited icon located in the status bar, in the upper right corner of your Mac desktop. Left click it to view the application options.

How to enable/disable VPN on my device?

On iOS devices you can enable and disable VPN on the Settings - General - VPN tab. On your Mac click the system VPN icon on the status bar and connect or disconnect using the corresponding items of the opened menu.

How to view my remaining subscription/trial period?

In the application open the Account Status tab and view the remaining subscription/trial time in the Subscription section.

How to view my session statistics?

In the application open the Account Status tab and click the Remaining in the Subscription section.

Can I set a password to lock the application?

Yes, you can enable the password protection on the Account Status tab in the Account Management section.

Technical questions

I can't connect to VPN.

Open VPN Unlimited on your device. On the Account Status tab, tap/click the Details button and follow the instructions provided by the app. If you are still unable to connect, then try to select another VPN server. You can also try to switch between Automatic and Manual VPN connection modes (read the answer on the "I don't want to use VPN in auto mode." question).

I don't want to use VPN in auto mode. How to turn it off?

To improve security, VPN Unlimited installs VPN access to be turned on by default each time you connect to the Internet. If you want to enable/disable it manually you need to:
On iPhone/iPad
1. Open Settings-General-VPN on your device.
2. Select VPN Unlimited (manual) as a VPN configuration.
3. Now turn on/off VPN manually on the same tab.

On Mac
1. Open VPN Unlimited main menu, by clicking its icon on the status bar.
2. Deselect 'Connect on Demand' option.

Are there any pre-configured VPN setup files available so I can setup VPN on my device?

VPN Unlimited provides Automatic Configuration files (profiles) for all supported devices, so the initial connection process is automated. You don't have to download and install profiles manually.

I can't reinstall the VPN Unlimited configuration file!

You need to delete the existing VPN Unlimited profile.
On iPhone/iPad:
1. Open Settings- General- Profiles on your iPhone or iPad.
2. In the Configuration Profiles section, tap on the VPN Unlimited profile and then tap Delete in the window which opens.

On Mac:
1. Open System Preferences-Profiles.
2. Select VPN Unlimited profile and then click '-' icon in the bottom part of the list.

Now open VPN Unlimited on your device. On the Account Status tab, tap the Details button and follow the instructions provided by the app.

I downloaded the VPN Unlimited configuration file, but nothing was installed to Profiles!

If you installed the VPN Unlimited on your Mac, then the profiles were downloaded using Safari. Please open the Safari-Preferences menu. On the General tab check that the option 'Open "safe" files after downloading' is enabled. Now try to connect to any of our VPN servers to download and install the profile. You might need to restart the app.
If you don't want to enable this option, you need to open your Downloads folder and run the downloaded profile file manually.

The profile was downloaded, but not installed. What should I do now?

You can find the profile in downloaded files. Simply click on it to install. ProfileDownloaded For automatic profile installation, please check, that you've enabled the option 'Open "safe" files after downloading' in your Safari. SafariSettings

Where can I find pre-configured setup files?

Login to your account and tap Autosetup. The file will be loaded to your device automatically.

I’ve connected to VPN successfully, but browsing stops after a few minutes’ usage, meaning I’m still connected but no longer have Internet access. What should I do?

This situation usually occurs when you are on a WiFi connection. If you have access to the router, go to router settings and look for either "Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)", "Firewall on" or "Firewall off" (different routers have different names for this). Disable SPI or Firewall and the connection should work normally.

I'm running VPN Unlimited under Windows 8 and it can't connect to any server. How to fix it?

This is a known issue of the OpenVPN protocol which is used for VPNUnlimited work. The fix is quite simple - just open the Network Center and the OpenVPN will start.
1. Navigate to the Desktop.
2. Right click the Network symbol in the taskbar Image.
3. Click Open Network and Sharing Center.

I already have another VPN software installed. Will it conflict with VPN Unlimited?

If you have installed another VPN software which also uses OpenVPN protocols and drivers, then you won't be able to run both apps simultaneously. So you will have to exit from one application before run another.
Note, that some VPN applications delete OpenVPN drivers during uninstallation process, so VPN Unlimited might stop working after you deleted them. To fix this issue, simply reinstall the VPN Unlimited app again.

I'm trying to install the Windows version of VPN Unlimited and it doesn't run.

We recommend you to temporarily stop any firewall or antivirus software on your Windows computer while installing the VPN Unlimited. You need also to add the VPN Unlimited to the exception of your firewall software in order to allow it to connect to the Internet.

The Users Account Controls (UAC) keeps asking me to allow the program to run. What should I do?

You may either lower the level (or disable) the UAC on your computer or operate the computer as a Power User (Administrator).

The app doesn't run automatically after the MS Windows start. What should I do?

You need to allow the VPN Unlimited to run after the startup. To do so, you might need to add it to exceptions in your firewall or antivirus software.
For example, to add the app to Windows Defender exception list, the next time Windows Defender alerts you about the software, on the Action menu in the Alert dialog box, click Always Allow. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation. Read also about adding an exception to Windows Firewall here

I connected my Apple Watch to my iPhone and now I see a VPN profile error. What should I do?

You need to reinstall the VPN Unlimited profile.
1. Open Settings - General - Profiles and delete the currently installed VPN Unlimited profile.
2. Open VPN Unlimited app and try to connect to any VPN server.
3. Follow the steps of the profile installation wizard.

Account and payments questions

I registered an account and used your service for one day, but now I can't connect to your service.

VPN Unlimited allows its using with non-activated account only for 1 day. After the first day of using our service you can use the VPN Unlimited service only with an activated account.
To activate your registered account use the special link in the activation email, that was sent to the email address you used during registration process.
If you can't find this email, please check the Spam folder and the Spam settings of your email client.
If you didn't receive this email, or the link doesn't work - please contact our technical support - [email protected]

I forgot my password. What should I do?

For iOS version of the app - start the VPN Unlimited app on your device. In the Login window input the email you used for registration and tap "Forgot Password?”.
For desktop version - open the VPN Unlimited app. In the Login window input the email you used for registration and click "Forgot Password?”.
We will send you an email which contains a link to reset your password. If you didn't receive this email, or the link doesn't work - please contact our technical support - [email protected]

What payment options are available?

We currently use iTunes and Google play in-app-purchases, PayPal and Amazon purchases. You can find the available pricing plans on the Purchasing tab in the VPN Unlimited app.

Where can I get specific information about your packages?

Open the Purchasing tab in the VPN Unlimited app on your device. Tap the question icon next to any of the plans to view a comparison table.

Is there a trial period before I have to purchase?

Yes, we provide a 10-day free trial to every new customer after registration.

What does VPN Unlimited Redeem Code mean and how can I get it?

KeepSolid Inc. Redeem Codes allow registered users with a valid KeepSolid ID (your VPN Unlimited or To Do Checklist account) to unlock the paid features of our services for free.
You can get a Redeem Code during promotions or as bonuses from our team. For additional information, please contact Support.
If you already have a Redeem Code, please activate it here

Can I use my account on more than one device?

You can register up to 5 devices on your account and login to VPN Unlimited from them simultaneously. If you need to register a new device, you can delete 1 device per week if you have purchased any paid subscription, and register a new one instead of the deleted.

Can I delete unnecessary devices from my account to connect new ones?

If you have bought any VPN subscription you may delete 1 device per week from your User Office at https://vpn.keepsolid.com/devices.

Do I have to reconfigure my account every time I go to another country or location?

This depends on exactly where you travel to - your VPN will work in any location where your current provider allows a IPSec connection (for iOS and Mac) or OpenVPN (for MS Windows or Linux).

Why did I get the error message “This is not a Test User account. Please create a new account in the Sandbox environment”?

This situation is probably due to the fact you are using a jailbroken device.
Please follow these steps to resolve this issue:
1. Uninstall VPN Unlimited
2. Open Cydia > Packages > uninstall AppSync 3.1 (or whatever AppSync version that you have installed)
3. Reboot your phone.
4. Re-install VPN Unlimited
5. Log out of your iTunes account by going to Settings > Store > Sign out, then sign in again using the same method.
6. You should now be able to make in-app purchases (provided that you don’t have AppSync installed in Cydia).