VPN Unlimited for Teams & Family

Give VPN protection to your friends worldwide!

VPN Unlimited for Teams & Family offers all the technologies of VPN Unlimited service, personal domain for account management, and dedicated 24/7 support. Protect and secure your team or family more with VPN Unlimited!

Here you can view a step-by-step guide on how to create and manage your team account.

Get more features at a low cost! Our business subscriptions offer a selection of plans, starting from 5 accounts—which mean 25 active devices at once and the possibility to extend those numbers anytime by discount prices.

Protect your relatives or team members while they are on vacation or business trips! VPN Unlimited will protect all their activities online from hackers and identity thieves. This is practically indispensable especially in open WiFi hotspots in hotels and airports!

Setup protected IP-restricted access to all your internal web-resources and use your personal VPN server as an entry point; even when you are not in the office. This is the perfect solution for divided teams and remote offices, that guarantees high speed connections and security for your data!

Have a team of quality assurance engineers and want to test web resources in another country? Use our growing selection of VPN servers for effective testing web services worldwide.

Don't lose access to the essential business tools while you are in countries with increasing levels of internet censorship. Using VPN Unlimited for Business & Teams, you will cut the red tape and have full access to social media, Google apps and services, and VOIP apps.

Hide your IP location and identity to conduct anonymous web investigation and research. VPN Unlimited will act as your personal shield, giving you complete anonymity online. Consequently, you will be able to get valid and thorough results for future business undertakings.

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We offer a permanent 33% discount for teams & family in comparison with regular prices

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*Note that an active VPN Unlimited subscription is required in order to share it with your Team and Family


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