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For Teams & Family: Special Offer to Protect Your Teams or Family with VPN Unlimited

Providing our users with unmatched online protection, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited team also wants to ensure you can remotely share VPN protection with your teams & family. That’s why we’ve implemented some special offers for your advanced security.

What’s so special about the best VPN for Teams & Family

  • Secure VPN Unlimited technology
  • Intuitive team management
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • Dedicated 24/7 customer support

Still haven’t tried our app?

VPN Unlimited for Teams & Family

This is a perfect opportunity to remotely share VPN protection with those around you! No matter whether they are in one room with you or half of the globe away, their online activities and personal data are encrypted and safe from cyber criminals.

3 Key Features of VPN Unlimited for Teams & Family

Keepsolid VPN Unlimited technology
VPN Unlimited technology
VPN Unlimited for Teams & Family - Features: Team management for one plan
Team management
VPN Unlimited for Teams & Family - Dedicated 24/7 support
Dedicated 24/7 support

Here you can view a step-by-step guide on how to create and manage your team account

Smart VPN for Family Use and Online Anonymity

Prevent unwanted eyes with our smart family VPN

Thanks to our app, you and your loved ones’ online activity will remain completely untraceable from any unauthorized third-parties

Secure all family devices with VPN Unlimited for family

Get our best family VPN plan and protect all of your family members starting from 5 accounts (meaning 25 devices)

Watch any TV shows and movies from anywhere

Our application provides you and your nearest and dearest with unlimited access to the most popular video streaming sites

Top 5 Benefits of Best VPN for Teams & Family


Get more features at a lower price! Now you have a unique opportunity to secure online experience of all members of your team or family with one press of a button, starting from 5 accounts that is 25 active devices at once.

Instant Management

With our top-notch extension, management of all users in your team becomes as simple as 1-2-3. Remove or add new participants, view the number of devices they use, and upgrade your plan to extend your team right from your User Office.

Remote Protection

With the Teams & Family plans, you are able to protect all the participants even if they are on vacation or business trip. All their online activities and personal data will be totally safe from adversaries, hackers, and identity thieves.

Unmatched Security

Set up IP-restricted access to all your internal web-resources and use a personal VPN server as an entry point. These are the smart steps to provide your team with a high-speed connection and total security for corporate data.

Open Web Access

No matter whether your team or family leave in or travel to a country with a high level of internet censorship. With our security solution, you can easily grant full access to any online service or website they need.

Best Team VPN Plan to Secure Any Business

Secure your corporate data with our team mobile VPN

Thanks to our 256-bit encryption, all business data on your team members’ devices will be completely protected from cyber criminals

Manage remote employees via team mode VPN

To provide your teleworkers with the most reliable and highly secure connection, your team members can just run our best team VPN plan and connect to any VPN server location

Bypass geo-restrictions with VPN Unlimited for teams

Your team members can easily choose the needed VPN server and analyze how your geo-targeted ads look like for customers all over the world

Why VPN Unlimited for Teams & Family is the perfect solution for you

Teams & Family Ordinary subscription
Saving solution in comparison with the same number of different subscriptions Each user has to purchase a separate subscription. This is not so cost-effective
Pay once and protect the whole team, starting from 5 accounts (25 devices) Subscription is available only to you, no one else can use it
Easy management of all the user accounts No possibility to manage other subscriptions
Very secure. All the participants sign in using their own passwords Not so secure, as you need to share your password with others to connect to your WiFi router
Your personal servers and IP’s are available to the whole team You cannot share your personal servers or IP addresses with anyone else

Select a Plan and Benefit from our Teams & Family Mobile VPN

We offer up to 33% discount on the Teams & Family plans

Want to use our solution for even more accounts?

*Note that an active VPN Unlimited subscription is required in order to share it with your Team and Family

Are You Ready to Enjoy Our VPN Protection?

Before getting our Team or Family plan, you should definitely try our app first. Download KeepSolid VPN Unlimited for Teams & Family and explore our best security features now. Anonymously surf the web. Experience complete data protection. Unblock any wished content.

7-day free trial + 7-day money-back guarantee


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