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Our VPN Server Locations Map

VPN Unlimited has 1000+ high-speed servers in 70+ locations all over the world. The latest servers list is available in the application.

All our servers ensure complete security, supreme speed and access to your favorite content worldwide. We use the OpenVPN protocol on Android and Windows platforms, and IPsec IKEv1 on macOS and iOS. OpenVPN supports Blowfish 128 bit, AES 128 bit, and AES 256 bit encryption. IPsec connections use AES 128 bit encryption.

VPN Unlimited offers additional layer of encryption and data obfuscation for restricted environments, called KeepSolid Wise. This is a protocol extension that allows to stealthily slip by the firewall and protects your VPN connection from being detected and throttled.

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We are constantly expanding our VPN solution server presence, so that you have the best and most reliable VPN connections. Get unlimited web content access, unlimited connections speed and unlimited bandwidth right away!