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Data Security Risks for Business

According to the statistics, 76% of consumers in 21 countries acknowledge the importance of keeping their business account information secure. Yet, many still share their passwords, among other data-related risky behavior. The remaining 24% allow at least one of their devices to go unprotected and vulnerable to all forms of viruses and malware.

Did you know that?


Average loss per internet crime.

In the next two years, cybercrime is twice more likely than any other fraud to be the most disruptive and serious economic crime to impact organizations.

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Does Your Team Need a VPN? 3 Reasons It May

Using public WiFi

Do your employees work on the go or take business trips frequently? Then they likely have to use a free public WiFi along the way to stay connected. This poses a threat to their personal and business information, since such hotspots are usually poorly secured and are thus infested with hackers and spyware.

BYOD policy

If your organization applies the bring-your-own-device policy, your employees use their personal devices for work and corporate communications. Unless properly secured, this poses an immense danger to the integrity of your business data. Even a single of their devices getting compromised might cause serious security problems for your corporate network.

Remote employees

Employing remote workers means transferring a large part of your business communications and enterprise content beyond whatever corporate network security you’re using. You have no means to ensure that remote employees secure their work devices reliably, or that they use safe internet connection.

Boost Your Business with Advanced VPN for Teams

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Total security

Whatever data you send (personal passwords, credit card data, or business information), whatever corporate network or public WiFi you use, you are 100% secure with our VPN for teams. Thanks to data encryption, your information is completely protected from prying eyes of cyber spies, hackers, and other third parties.

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Absolute privacy

You and your employees will always stay anonymous and untrackable, on any website, wherever you are. VPN Unlimited for teams protects your privacy by masking your real IP address and thus hiding your physical location. This means no websites, hackers, advertisers, ISPs, or government agents will be able to track you.

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You and your employees can use our VPN for teams on any popular platforms, including iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, browsers, etc. You can even set up VPN Unlimited on your office WiFi routers, so it will automatically protect any and all internet traffic within your organization’s network.

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Cost saving

VPN Unlimited for teams is significantly more cost-efficient compared to protecting the same number of users and devices using personal subscriptions. In addition, you only have to pay once to secure the whole team, starting from 5 accounts (25 devices).

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Easy management

Managing your team members is super-simple with VPN Unlimited for teams! Remove or add new participants, view the number of devices they use, upgrade your plan to extend your team, and much more. All that - right from your User Office page!

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