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How to Setup Personal VPN Server and What Does It Bring to the Table?

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We live in the age of pervasive corporate and government surveillance, increasingly elaborated hacking attacks, and ever-evolving online threats. In this environment, all the more netizens get to appreciate the benefits and security of virtual private networks (a.k.a. VPNs). Such services become more and more like your smartphone or your keys – you feel uncomfortable going outside (or in our case – online) without them.

But even with the growth of VPNs’ popularity, they still remain a relatively new and vague technology for an average Joe. Which results in many users not knowing about some of the more advanced and handy features of their VPNs. Today, we’d like to tell you about one such feature – Personal VPN server, and how it can grant you additional security and convenience.

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What is VPN service and how secure is a VPN?

For those unfamiliar with the whole VPN topic, it’s a technology that at its core performs two main functions:

  • It encrypts your internet traffic to secure your data.
  • It routes the traffic through a protected tunnel established by a VPN server to ensure the anonymity and untraceability of your online browsing. This also means that you can access websites that are blocked at your location by connecting to a remote server.

The specific execution of this technology depends on your service provider. Some decide to sacrifice the security in favor of performance, while others concentrate on the variety or uniqueness of features. For instance, VPN Unlimited applies military-grade AES-128 and AES-256 encryption and can offer 400+ VPN servers in over 70 locations all over the world, among other benefits.

In the age of pervasive corporate and government surveillance, increasingly elaborated hacking attacks, and ever-evolving online threats, it’s dangerous to go online alone. Click To Tweet

What does a Personal Server add to the security features of VPN?

Personal server adds a number of goodies, actually. In general, it eliminates the drawbacks of shared servers. You see, by default when you connect to a common VPN server of your choice, you share it with thousands of other users. Normally you won’t feel any inconvenience from this, as such servers are specifically designed to accommodate large numbers of concurrent connections. But in certain situations this might cause some hindrances:

  • During extreme network loads, you may experience the decrease of connection speed, app stability, and other disruptions. This is especially annoying for gamers, where a huge ping or a server lag often mean the difference between victory and defeat.
  • Some other user might get your shared IP banned on a website you like by violating its rules. You wouldn’t like to lose access to your favorite content because of someone else’s heedless forum comment, would you?
  • If a hacker targets someone you share a server with, you can fall victim to collateral damage.

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Personal VPN server eradicates these problems completely. You are the only one to use it, bestowed with a clean personal static IP. No one to share your bandwidth with, no one to spoil your experience, and no one to threaten your security!

Another unique benefit of Personal VPN servers is an added layer of online security. By tying your accounts to the IP of the chosen server, you can ensure that no one outside of this IP is able to access them. This includes online banking, emailing, social networks, and any other accounts that you’d like to protect.

As an icing on this cake, VPN Unlimited users that purchase a Personal server get access to a number of neat complementary features. Among them are:

  • 24/7 high-priority support
  • Subscription to all our shared servers
  • Opportunity to setup the Personal server on a WiFi router, bestowing its benefits upon the whole network

How to get a VPN with Personal Server?

A Personal VPN server is a great addition to the security and anonymity that VPN Unlimited provides. Check out for yourself – get your own Personal server today! Or if you are still not familiar enough with VPN services, we have a free 7-day trial so that you could figure everything out for yourself.

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