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The most popular city in Texas, Houston, is the 4th biggest city in the United States with over 2.19 million people, and the largest city in Texas. With its fast-growing economy, Houston is a very multicultural city. As our company strives to deliver the best quality VPN service, today we are thrilled to announce that another powerful server for VPN Unlimited was opened in Houston, Texas. Over 2.19 million people live here, and majority of them are aware of the need for secure internet connection. New Houston VPN server will allow even greater coverage of the southern part of North American and South American continents.


Did you Know?

Thanks to its developed infrastructure, Houston has a large number of academic institutions, advanced industry, and a status of a port city. If you can imagine, more than 90 languages are spoken here and it has one of the largest youngest population in the country. Initially, the city was founded when two New York entrepreneur brothers purchased a large land at Buffalo Bayou in 1836. The city was named after the general’s name, Sam Houston, who won at the Battle of San Jacinto, and he became the president of Texas.

Rated by Forbes among the 10 Best Cities for Young Entrepreneurs (2014), Houston is oftentimes associated with the massive oil refineries, high humidity and sub-par baseball team, but this is by far old-fashioned lookout. Today’s Houston is an economic juggernaut.

Houston Welcomes You: Fun Things to Do

Space Center Houston

The pride of Houston is NASA, and you are welcome to visit the world’s most famous Astro-city where are stored historic artifacts of the extraterrestrial adventures. A place for a robust schedule of exhibits, you will enjoy the Star Wars-related exhibits as well as ‘interactive adventures’ packed with space-related bells and whistles.


The Downtown Tunnels

If you wish to take a long, we mean a six-mile long walk underground, you can easily do that in the Downtown Tunnels connecting many high-rises. You will find exquisite shops and restaurants while cheerful crowd hangs around this pretty attractive location.


The Houston Zoological Gardens

Located on the 17-ha or 42-acre in Hermann Park, visitors will engage into seeing free displays of more than 21,000 mammals, reptiles and birds. Explore the tropical birds’ house with a simulated rain forest. For youngsters, children’s zoo is also available.


The Annual Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Explore the 22-ha or 56-acre family amusement park, enjoy the endless rides with a number of attractions.


Market Square Park

Packed into a rather small space, the park is a major place for a whole variety of activities, funky eateries and crowded bars.


Amazing Facts about Houston, TX

  1. The city has its own professional sports teams including football, baseball, basketball, soccer and AHL hockey.
  2. The world’s largest livestock and rodeo shows gets over 2.2 million visitors a year.
  3. There are over 40 university, colleges and institutions offering education of all nearly all professional fields.
  4. Houston is a home to the Texas Medical Center. It is the largest medical center on the planet. With at least $10 billion to local economy impact, the center encompasses 21 million square feet, accommodates close to 5 million patients each year and is a workplace for 52,000 health care professionals.
  5. There are consular offices of 92 countries.
  6. More than 90 languages are spoken here.
  7. The city owns one of the most unique museum districts with art and cultural institutions, galleries and City’s major museums. There are over 500 cultural, visual and performing arts organizations.
  8. Second after New York City, the 17-block Theater District is huge (with over 12,000 seats).
  9. Houstonians eat in restaurants more often than residents of other cities. You are welcome to choose from 11,000 restaurants from deli-shops to award-winning upscale diners.
  10. A home to 5,000 firms that work in energy field, Houston is the Energy Capital of the world.

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