About 25% of all internet users access the internet using a VPN service. Who are they?

Who Needs a VPN? (Infographics)

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First things first, let’s figure out what VPN is. This acronym stands for virtual private network –  a technology which hides your online traffic and provides you with a number of VPN servers, encryption protocols, and other handy features. As a result, it becomes a perfect protection from cyber attacks, secures your private data, helps bypass online censorship and geo restrictions, etc.

The topic of virtual private networks often raises questions like: Who needs a VPN? Why do people need it? Do I need a VPN? To answer these, VPN Unlimited team prepared a detailed infographic about people who already use VPN applications. Enjoy!

Why use a VPN if you are…

 Why use a VPN as an online gambler? Why use a VPN as a celebrity? Why use a VPN as a cinephile? Why use a VPN as a freelancer? Why use a VPN as an artist? Why use a VPN as a shopping fan? Why use a VPN as lovebirds? Why use a VPN as an adult video lover? Why use a VPN as a googlesearch fan? Why use a VPN as a traveller? Why use a VPN as a smart home owner?  Why use a VPN? "All human beings have three lives: public, private, and secret" - G.G.Márquez

What are the main benefits of VPN services?

Addressing the whys of using VPN services, we can summarize them to 3 general answers, based on VPN Unlimited users’ feedback.

  • Data protection granted by AES-128 and AES-256 encryption protocols.  
  • Online privacy through concealing your real IP behind a virtual one.
  • Avoidance of online censorship and restrictions thanks to more than 400 high-speed servers across 70+ locations all over the world.

So, DO YOU need a VPN? If you still aren’t sure, try our app with a 7-day FREE trial and check for yourself.


  1. I am an unlimited user of your VPN service already. I would like to know, please, how I can use VPN in some of the ways you mentioned in your article:

    • Shop and Buy goods at better prices.

    • Save on traveling and hotel expenses

    • Protect my entire home instead of just individual devices

    Thank you for your assistance!


    • Hello Ricky,
      Nice to see you reached out to us! We are happy to answer your questions:

      You can save money on shopping while being connected to a VPN server in a country with low fares. However, you will need to spend some time looking for the best suitable option for you. The same solution is applied to ticket and hotel booking.
      Moreover, you can get a Personal VPN Server to enjoy unmatched privacy and best possible connection speed.

      To protect all your devices at once, you should configure VPN on your router. In this regard, please refer to this article.

      If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

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