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Making internet Banking more secure

The online banking is one of the most convenient technologies today. However, it is one of the most attractive targets for personal data thieves and hackers as well. Whether you are logging in to your account to check the balance or make transfers, cyber criminals might be able to take advantage of your activities. If you are performing transactions using a network you don’t control, i.e. public hotspots, this will facilitate them to fulfill their plan, as it becomes even easier for adversaries to sniff your traffic and rob you blind.

A reasonable question “How to make my money safe and access my account securely?” arises. VPN Unlimited has the answer – get a Personal Static IP, and use it when you are doing online banking.

How does it work?

Most of banking services have their own protective security measures. They add a two-factor authentication in addition to a login and password. However, there is no overprotection when it comes to your money.

Assigning a definite IP address or a set of IPs to your online banking service provides even stronger protection for your sensitive data, as this will prevent logins to your account from undefined IPs. Moreover, through the use of a static VPN IP address, you will maximize the security of your online banking account, as no one, including surveillance agencies or cyber criminals, will be able to get to your personal information and money.

Safe online banking anytime and everywhere

The personal IP address from VPN Unlimited allows to connect to your online banking system using a static IP, no matter from what location you are connecting. This is an additional layer of security over your usual login and password protection that will guarantee you the safe custody of your personal data, while you are using your online banking.

Get a unique virtual dedicated address for your use only, and add it to the list of allowed IPs, besides your home IP. Thus, when you are travelling or connecting from a public WiFi hotspot, your online banking system will allow you to login instantly and securely, while VPN Unlimited protocols will encrypt your transactions. We take online banking security very seriously and are constantly taking measures to make sure your vulnerable data and money are strongly protected.