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Regulation of the internet

The internet was once a place where freedom reigned supreme, where anyone could publish or consume any information anonymously without any restrictions whatsoever - a “free-for-all” in the truest sense of the term. However, as the network grew bigger and more popular, it quickly became obvious that this wonderful a tool that had opened the door for such clear, transparent communication could easily become dangerous if misused.

Internet censorship becomes even more tightened

Indeed, sometimes it is. The nature of the internet allows any idea to be spread quickly, no matter how worthy or troublesome that idea may be. Some governments started to regulate the internet for the sake of their citizens’ safety, and some of these regulations were actually beneficial. As a result, it became easier to understand which sites and services you could trust.

However, strict political regimes quickly went over the top with the restrictions, because freedom of information and freedom of speech do not benefit them. Even countries that call themselves “free” are now known for vigorous internet surveillance and even spying on their citizens.

The era we live in - the age of great innovation - also turned out to be the age of information wars, conspiracy, web censorship, tracking and digital surveillance. But as restriction and control technologies become more developed, people all around the world are discovering new ways to avoid them.

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