IPVanish vs KeepSolid VPN UnlimitedĀ®: Comparing Best VPN Applications for 2020

KeepSolid VPN UnlimitedĀ® and IPVanish client comparison. Reviewing best VPNs:


Compare best VPNs: IPVanish vs VPN UnlimitedĀ® app review


VPN UnlimitedĀ®


OpenVPN Protocol
Wireguard Protocol
Leak Protection 1st Party DNS Servers
Obfuscation via TCP Port 443
Other proprietary obfuscation protocols
Accepts Crypto Currency
Accepts Cash
Strength of Encryption AES-256 AES-256
# of Locations 80 75
Windows Phone Support
Available as Browser Extension
Server SSL Rating A+ A
$ / month (Annual Pricing) 5.00 6.49
Free Trial
Rating: 5 4

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IPVanish Compared to VPN UnlimitedĀ®: Who is the Winner

While comparing VPN UnlimitedĀ® and IPVanish, we’ve created a VPN comparison table. And as you can see from this table, KeepSolid VPN UnlimitedĀ® is obviously the winner in this VPN competition. Our VPN application grants our clients a bunch of privacy and security features so that they could be sure about their private data protection.


Data security

One of the key benefits that you get from KeepSolid VPN UnlimitedĀ® is the complete data security. Thanks to our extremely secure AES-256 encryption, our app creates a secured VPN tunnel and protects all the traffic that goes through it.

Privacy and anonymity

Downloading KeepSolid VPN UnlimitedĀ®, you get access to a premium list of VPN servers all other the world. With our app, you can virtually travel to more than 80 locations via more than 500 servers. To top it off, this list also includes servers for video streaming and torrenting.

Bypassing content restrictions

Our VPN solution is the best choice if you need to access any geo-restricted data all over the world. Thanks to KeepSolid VPN UnlimitedĀ®, you can look through our best VPN servers lists, connect to the location where the needed content is available, and enjoy your online freedom!

Convenient terms and pricing

Getting our security solution, you get a unique opportunity to protect up to 5 or 10 devices via a single account. The number of available slots depends on the type of your subscription. To top it off, our VPN service supports any platform you need to protect.

How to Set Up a VPN

In 2020, it takes no hassle to set up and use the best home VPN:


Log in and choose a VPN server

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Why use VPN at home in 2020

While comparing IPVanish and VPN UnlimitedĀ®, we’ve also received many questions about using a VPN at home. Our users have asked: Do i need a VPN at home? Why use VPN at home? Well, the answer to the first question is Yes, of course. The answers on the second ones are as follows.

To protect your home devices

The first reason to use VPN at home is the protection of all smart devices that you have. As we’ve already mentioned, you can protect 5 or 10 devices via a single VPN UnlimitedĀ® subscription. Moreover, you can set up VPN UnlimitedĀ® on your WiFi router and protect all the devices that are connected to it or get as many slots as you want in the KeepSolid User office.

To hide your browsing history

It doesn’t matter what you google at home. With KeepSolid VPN UnlimitedĀ®, everything what’s private stays private. Even if any hacker tries to get access to your online actions, they will receive a bunch of senseless symbols that are too hard (read: impossible) to decode. Download KeepSolid VPN UnlimitedĀ®, get the subscription you want, and google whatever you want at home without fear of being hacked.

To enjoy video streaming sites

The last but certainly not least reason to use VPN at home is to get access to the most popular video streaming servers even if you live outside the US or UK (depends on the platform you want to watch). With our VPN application, you will be able to access Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO Now, Disney+, and many other services right on your favorite couch. Get the app and check for yourself!

Get started with KeepSolid VPN Unlimited for free

To top it off, we provide you with a unique opportunity to download and use VPN Unlimited for free for 7 days. No time to waste, start your trial right now!