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5 Life Hacks to Book Cheap Airline Tickets and Save About $500

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There are so many countries to travel, and so little spare time and money. Traveling is arguably one of the most popular ways to spend a holiday. Unfortunately, along with new experience and emotions, you are also likely to face some irritating stages of travel planning.

Since airline ticket prices vary from $50 to $1000 (sometimes more) depending on the distance, booking them could become one of such irritations. Nobody wants to overpay for their vacation, while it’s exactly what can happen, especially if it’s your first time booking airline tickets. Don’t worry, VPN Unlimited team has examined and tested the most common tricks on how to book cheap airline tickets on the example of Cheapflights. Check out what we’ve got!

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  1. Never buy tickets at the last minute

Let’s say you live in New York city. One day, you wake up and realize that you are dying to visit Paris. If you want to save money, it is very important to be patient and not book the tickets for tomorrow or any that near future. Cause it will cost the earth. Economizing requires long-term planning.

5 Life Hacks to Book Cheap Airline Tickets and Save About $500 — VPN Unlimited BlogHere is the price of the last Saturday tickets

  1. Don’t plan your trip on a high season

According to Eurostat, May, July, and August are the months of high season in Paris. The number of trips during this period is over 10 thousand. It is no wonder, since the weather in those months is known to be the most pleasant and warm. Airlines also know about this seasonal demand specifics and drive prices up on high seasons.

5 Life Hacks to Book Cheap Airline Tickets and Save About $500 — VPN Unlimited BlogWow! You’ll save $267 by buying June tickets (a shoulder season)

  1. Best time to buy airline tickets is 5-6 months prior

Patience can save you at least $136, as you can see from the following picture. It is the amount you could spend to visit the Louvre about 12 times (entrance fee – €9).

5 Life Hacks to Book Cheap Airline Tickets and Save About $500 — VPN Unlimited BlogBe patient and save 50% off the initial price

  1. Start your trip on Wednesday

In our experiment we’ve discovered a curious thing: the cheapest tickets are sold on Wednesday flights. The reason is probably that it is the most unpopular day to travel. So if you can afford a trip in the middle of the week, you will save about $50.

5 Life Hacks to Book Cheap Airline Tickets and Save About $500 — VPN Unlimited BlogWednesday miracle, or how to pay $50 less  

  1. Use VPN software

An airline market practices regional pricing. In a nutshell, the system tracks your geolocation and shows the prices set for your region. However, if you mask your real IP address with that of a lower-income country, the price will most likely be lower. We turned on VPN Unlimited and connected to the Romania server. As a result, the price for the same date flight changed from $355 to $321. Since VPN Unlimited offers you 400+ high-speed servers across 70+ locations all over the world, you can be sure you’ll find your best price by using different servers. Try VPN Unlimited and check out yourself.   

5 Life Hacks to Book Cheap Airline Tickets and Save About $500 — VPN Unlimited BlogEventually, we’ve saved $509!  

Bonus tips:

    • The flight prices may increase if the system tracks that you’ve already searched for the same tickets a few hours ago. That’s why you should search for tickets using incognito browsing mode and clear your browsing history, cache, and cookies first.
    • Try not to use Apple devices for booking your tickets. This is because airline companies hold Apple device owners to be more solvent. The price can also vary depending on the price of your smartphone/laptop.

That’s all for today. We hope our life hacks will help you book the cheapest airline tickets for your trip. And if you know some other tricks, share them in the comments below! We’ll be happy to add them to our list.


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      Yes, just for that reason we’ve included avoiding Apple devices for booking tickets in the Bonus tips section. Use all the hacks and save on your tickets with us!

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  6. In your bonus tips you metion not to use  devices but if I am masked on ip address, do companies know I am surfing on my iPad or such?

    • Hello Darren,
      Thanks for your question. Using a VPN service, you hide your real IP address making it look like you’re in another country. However, it would still be possible for websites to find out the OS of the device you are surfing on, if they collect such information. Hiding your real IP cannot prevent that.

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