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This tutorial introduces you a step-by-step guide how to use the VPN Unlimited app

on your macOS

We shall start off with the “VPN Status” tab. Here you can either switch the VPN on or off. Also, you can view the map displaying both your real and virtual IP addresses and locations.

Note, you can view your VPN connection status, real and virtual IP addresses at the top of the application window all the time.

The next tab is “Servers”. It contains the list of all the servers available, and displays the workload of each server and its torrent-friendliness. You can either scroll down or type in the “Search” field to find the desired server.

The “Servers” tab is followed by the “Account” tab. Here you can view your account name and the statistics of your sessions. To view the list of your devices, click the “Statistics” button. If you click on a specific device, you will see all the Internet traffic sent to/from this device through VPN Unlimited.

Furthermore, on the “Account” tab you can manage several options, such as:

  • “Change account password”: just type the new password, confirm it and click “Save”

  • “Run on startup”: keep it ON in order to launch VPN Unlimited at the system startup

  • “Connect on Demand”: turn it ON, if you do not want to automatically connect to any server at the app startup

  • “Password protection”: Get an additional layer of security for your identity using a password to sign in to the VPN Unlimited app

Also, on this tab you can log out from your account.

The next tab is “Information”. The heading of this tab speaks for itself. Besides the links to our knowledgebase, there is a number of socializing features as well. Let’s consider them in depth:

  • “Tell friends”: Type your friends’ email address and send them links to download VPN Unlimited for any available platform

  • “Leave a feedback”: Tell us what you think about the app! We greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions!

  • “Follow us on Facebook”: Stay tuned with our latest news and exciting initiatives

  • “Follow us on Twitter”: Stay updated with our Twitter page

  • “Go to my office”: This tab opens your account page on our website. Here you can manage your subscription, purchase extensions (such as Personal Server or Personal IP), and edit your profile

  • “Visit product website”: Go to the VPN Unlimited website. Here you can find all the information you may need concerning VPN Unlimited

  • “Contact Support”: Need help of have suggestions? Complete a support ticket and we will respond as soon as possible

  • “FAQ”: Here you can view the answers for the most frequently asked questions

  • “Quick tour”: Briefly introduces you to the VPN service, and, in particular, to VPN Unlimited

  • “About VPN Unlimited”: This pop-up message contains information about the app version and the link for the app website

The “Information” tab is followed by the “Subscription” tab. Here you can view your remaining subscription period, as well as the list of subscriptions to purchase the most relevant for you.

The last but not the least tab is “Notification”. On this tab you can receive the latest news from our Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as notification messages about our prices and special offers directly in the application.